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The 700 Club - June 5, 2014

Ryan sees his coaching business take off after trying a new strategy. Plus, The 700 Club commemorates the 70th...

From Part-Time Passion to a Job—10 Times the Income

Ryan sees his coaching business take off after trying a new strategy.

Beating Abortion: Killing the Industry's Lifeline

For decades, the fight against abortion has focused on protests, prayer, and elections. Now the strategy is to go...

Their Secret to Financial Freedom

Tim and Yvette Webber struggled financially until they agreed on a new strategy. Learn their secret to financial freedom.

Is the U.S. Prepared for the Next Disaster?

Marvin Olasky has written a book that coincides with the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It's called, "The Politics...

Straight Talk With John McCain

He is back, telling voters he is the right man for the job at the right time in our...

Bush Strategy: Too Little, Too Late?

The Bush administration kicked off 2007 with a controversial new strategy in Iraq. But critics say his new...

The New P.E.

Experts believe the new strategies could cut-down on obesity, plus diabetes, which are both linked in part to lack of...

Realizing Your Dream

Sometimes the road to success requires a bold new strategy. Annika and Brian took an unusual and difficult step....

Dramatic Increase from a 1% Investment

Richard and Janna decided to test a new strategy by investing an additional 1%. The payoff was...

The Key to Her Business Success

Eileen had a great idea for a new business, but trying to get the business to take off was...

Watch Stakelbeck on Terror

Watch Stakelbeck on Terror

U.S. General: Taliban Fight Needs New Strategy

U.S. General: Taliban Fight Needs New Strategy