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The 700 Club - April 29, 2015

In his new book Facing the Blitz, author and former NFL quarterback Jeff Kemp urges you to see trials...

Clinton Calls for Reform after Baltimore Riots

Hillary Clinton says the Baltimore riots show the need to restore order and security and that Americans need to...

Gay Marriage Case: What Hangs in the Balance

After a marathon session, the high court will decide whether to impose gay marriage on the entire country. As evidenced...

Nigeria's Vice President-Elect: We're Committed to Finding Missing Girls

In an exclusive interview with CBN, Nigeria's new vice president-elect says his government will do everything possible to rescue...

Nepal's Mountain Villages Pose Greatest Need

The aftershocks from Saturday's earthquake have lessened. Tremors are less frequent and milder now. Still many people remain outdoors.

Calm Envelopes Baltimore as Curfew Begins

Baltimore leaders say the first night of the city's seven-day curfew effectively worked to calm the violence that erupted...

Iran Seizes Foreign Ship, Prompting US Response

An international shipping vessel was seized by Iranian forces Tuesday after Iran's Revolutionary Guard fired warning shots, forcing it to...

CBN NewsWatch: April 29, 2015

On CBN Newswatch April 29: Gay marriage case: what hangs in the balance; Calm envelopes Baltimore as curfew begins;...

Niños cubanos conocen a Jesús a través de serie animada

Superlibro se está propagando viralmente en ese país.

Avalanche on Mt. Everest: One Man's Tale of Survival

Nick Cienski is founder and CEO of Mission 14, a Christian organization that fights human trafficking. He and his...

Avalanche on Mt. Everest: One Man's Tale of Survival

Avalanche on Mt. Everest: One Man's Tale of Survival

VIDEO: Iglesias de EEUU ayudan a Haití y Colombia gracias al café

Conozca más sobre esta innovadora manera de ayudar al prójimo.

VIDEO: Judíos y árabes dan el ejemplo compartiendo juntos en universidad

Centro educativo está ubicado en Cisjordania, tierra en disputa entre israelíes y palestinos.

VIDEO: Institución cristiana da educación gratuita a niños pobres de Indonesia

La escuela ayuda a transformar los corazones y mentes de los alumnos.

Gay Marriage at the Supreme Court: A Look at the Crowd

Paul Strand takes a walk down the road at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on the day the...

Closing Liberal Arts Colleges: Are They Worth Saving?

On the brink of closing their doors, liberal arts colleges are being forced to adjust the way they do...

Interview With Bishop Angel Nunez


News on The 700 Club: April 28, 2015

As seen on "The 700 Club" April 28: Court could force same-sex marriage on every state; City in chaos:...