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Clerk Kim Davis Appeals Order that Put Her in Jail

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis is appealing the court orders that ultimately sent her to jail for refusing to issue...

Facebook Pic of Praying HS Football Players Causes Stir

A Facebook photo of North Dakota high school football players praying on field is creating a controversy.

Pew Reports Changing Landscape in Religious Americans

While the United States is becoming more secularized, Americans who embrace religion are keeping their faith.

What’s to Hide? School Board Sues to Conceal Transgender Policy

A controversial gender identity policy may lead to the ousting of several school board members in Fairfax County, Virginia.

TransCanada Requests Pause on Keystone Review

The heavily debated Keystone XL pipeline, which would run from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, has hit a...

High School Player Booted for Praising God Reinstated

An Arizona high school football player ejected from a game after giving thanks to God will be allowed to...

Family Mourns Actor, Senator Fred Thompson's Death

Actor turned statesman, Fred Thompson dies Sunday at the age of 73.

Russian Investigators: 'External Impact' Caused Crash

Officials are looking into what caused a Russian airliner to lose speed before crashing into Egypt's Sinai Peninsula Saturday,...

'US Is in Trouble': Attacks on Faith Mushrooming

There's a growing sentiment that Christians are under attack more than ever before in the U.S. Now those fighting...

Carson Spotlights Seventh-day Adventist Church

As retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson's popularity grows in the race for the White House, the spotlight is turning to...

Mideast 101: What Does 'Intifada' Mean?

The recent wave of violent attacks against Israelis in their own nation has raised the question of whether a...

Ryan Opens with Call for Prayer: 'The House Is Broken'

After the House overwhelmingly elected Paul Ryan to replace outgoing Speaker John Boehner Thursday, the Wisconsin lawmaker began his...

Why 'Woodlawn' Star Says Film Special from the Start

Two weeks after the movie "Woodlawn" hit the big screen, it's being hailed as a ground-breaking faith film and...

Army Investigating Runaway Surveillance Blimp

Investigators are trying to find out how an Army survelliance blimp escaped a military base, leaving 27,000 people without power.

House Panel Probes 'Global Crisis' of Religious Freedom

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is investigating what it calls a "global crisis" of religious freedom.  

Teacher Accused of Telling Class 'God Is a Myth'

A Houston middle school student said her teacher told students that God is a myth and that anyone who disagreed with...

Coach Punished for Football Game Prayers

High school football coach Joe Kennedy has been put on paid administrative leave because he refused to stop praying...

Marine Court-Martialed for Bible Verse Appeals Ruling

A Marine who was court-martialed for taping a Bible verse to her computer is taking her appeal to the...