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A 'New' Church of England Emerges in the 'Old' Country

Tucked away in England's magnificent landscape stands an Anglican church that was once the center of its community. But...

News on The 700 Club: March 03, 2016

Mitt Romney leading the GOP charge to 'Stop Trump'; North Korea Launches projectiles to protest new sanctions; Operation Blessing...

The 700 Club - November 3, 2014

Tucker Yates will share his journey through life from his years at CBN and Regent University, to the writing...

How One Man is Leaving a Legacy for His Grandchildren and Beyond

Tucker Yeats left an indelible mark where he served at CBN and Regent University. Now, he hopes to inspire...

'The Voice' Finalist Holly Tucker: Why She Sings for God

Holly Tucker, Former contestant from NBC's The Voice shares how faith keeps her strong in challenging times.

The 700 Club - July 23, 2013

Former contestant from NBC's The Voice Holly Tucker shares how faith keeps her strong in challenging times. Plus, Jennifer...

Giants: Super Bowl Win a Blessing Beyond Measure

Giants: Super Bowl Win a Blessing Beyond Measure

Steve Doocy on Love and Marriage

Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy wants you and your spouse to become "Mr. and Mrs. Happy" with a...

Building a Dream City

It may look like just a barren plot of land to some, but to Randy Phillips, his newly purchased...

Go into All the World (Wide Web)

When Jesus commanded, 'Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel,' there was no Internet. Internet evangelism...

A Place of Blessing

A Beijing restaurant run by Christians serves up salvation along with meals.

Afghanistan Kids Rediscover Laughter

In a corner of the Afghan capital, there's an effort to reach one of the most vulnerable groups in...

Dissecting Iran: What the People Want

CBN News recently visited Iran and found the people friendly, but concerned about their future.

How To Get A Great Idea

When Bonnie lost her job, she saw no way out. That's when she found an unusual way to get...

China Steps Up Olympic Security

China has spent more than $50 million to make the Beijing Olympics the most secure in Olympic history.

Beth Catania: Mercy in the Twister

"Literally, the house was starting at that moment to break, and then all I could hear was a screech...

Ahmadinejad's Divine Mission

Despite criticism of him and his regime, the 53-year-old president of Iran is a deeply religious man.

China's Christians Reach Out to Devastated

While the Chinese government has mobilized its forces to help those in need, Chinese Christians have also gotten involved...

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