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Survey Shows Evangelicals Confused Theologically

Survey Shows Evangelicals Confused Theologically

Record Number of Latinos Can Vote, But Will They?

Record Number of Latinos Can Vote, But Will They?

Duck Dynasty’s Family Miracle

Duck Dynasty’s Jase and Missy Robertson almost lost hope after a difficult pregnancy, and when baby Mia was born...

The Reality of Demonic Possession

Sandy shares about her experience of being used as a virgin sacrifice in satanic sexual rituals and how that...

Can People Really Be Possessed by Demons?

Sandy was a real life victim of demonic possession. You don’t want to miss her story on The 700 Club.

700 Club Interactive: Aaron Shust - October 30, 2014

How singer/songwriter Aaron Shust discovers joy and trust in God, through life’s many challenges.

Aaron Shust Navigates Life’s Challenges

Christian singer, songwriter Aaron Shust shares his approach to finding joy and trusting God through life’s many challenges.

700 Club Interactive: Just Ask - October 29, 2014

Want to know if God is real? Can He heal people? Does He care? Just ask.

Thank God for Prison!

Erik thought he had to be a tough guy to avoid being bullied in his neighborhood. When he landed...

Rebellious Man Challenges God to Prove His Existence

Underneath his rage, Adam’s wounds of parental rejection festered. He tried drugs, partying and even sold out to a...

Against Her Will, This Woman Was a Pawn in her Father’s Evil Game

When Sandy’s father exposed her to demonic activity at a young age, she spent a lifetime running from darkness....

The 700 Club - October 27, 2014

After Michelle was attacked she reached her lowest point, but that was right where God met her. Also,...

Bring It On-Line: Image of God

Do we have the same power that it took to raise Jesus Christ from the dead? And where...

Marine Veteran Can’t Start New Civilian Job Due to Security Clearance Delay

Rollin Godette served in the Marines for nine years including a tour in Iraq. When he got out...

The 700 Club - October 22, 2014

Erin developed a hard heart towards God, until an encounter with a street preacher changed her perspective. Plus, Leo’s...

700 Club Interactive: Identity Crisis - October 22, 2014

A gay son’s journey to God, and a lesbian woman’s discovery that she’d been living a lie . ....

Bring It On-Line:

If God made the heavens and the earth, where do dinosaurs come in, and what about cavemen? My mom...

When God Hands You a Blank Canvas

Michelle’s life reached its lowest point after she was attacked, but she soon found freedom and a vision for...