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700 Club Interactive: Unstoppable - March 20, 2013

See what happened when a man with no limbs had enough courage to put his life in God's hands....

Mi hijo no quiere comer, qué hago?

Al menos 25% de los niños llega a la consulta del pediatra porque no quieren comer. ¿Le ha pasado?...

Preguntas al facebook: Diezmo, Fe y esposos inconversos

Queremos conocer tus inquietudes. A través de nuestra página web y facebook, tu puedes enviarnos tus preguntas. En esta...

Club 700 Hoy: Agosto 12, 2012 #373

Funky, Cantante y Autor, nos habla de la gran influencia que tiene la música en los jóvenes. También, Funky...

Fox News' John Stossel: 'No, Government Can't'

Should government push legislation to promote issues like enforcing traditional marriage, or discourage outlawing pot? Fox News' John Stossel...

Fox News' John Stossel: 'No, Government Can't'

Fox News' John Stossel: 'No, Government Can't'

Jorge Valenzuela

Jorge Valenzuela de Lima, Perú, comenzó a consumir drogas desde muy temprana edad, producto del maltrato. Este vicio lo...

CDC Kicks Off $54M Anti-Smoking Campaign

CDC Kicks Off $54M Anti-Smoking Campaign

The 700 Club: December 31, 2010

See the inspirational story of a man born without limbs. Also, Gordon Robertson cooks Roasted Chicken with Lemon Zest.

Clay Dyer: 'God Doesn't Make Mistakes'

He was born without legs and only one partial arm. Yet, this outdoorsman has never let these obstacles stop him.

The 700 Club: July 1, 2010

Kristi Watts interviews a man with no limbs whose ministry reaches people around the world. Also, Gordon Robertson cooks...

Nick Vujicic: Life Without Limbs

He was born without arms nor legs. However, God is using Nick Vujicic to share the gospel around the world.

Jim Reed: The Ultimate Storm Chaser

Photographer and veteran storm chaser Jim Reed says he is no adrenaline junkie. He's a man with a mission.

Vet Dogs

For more than 60 years, The Guide Dog Foundation has helped people with disabilities, including hundreds of men and...

Kristi Watts: 'Would You Heal Me, Lord?'

When the doctors told Kristi that her leg injury would kill her chances of running her big race, Kristi...

Bishop's Story: Lesson for Health Care Reform?

Jennifer Wishon recently spent time with a familiar face who knows how precious time is when you're sick.

Behind the Scenes of Nick Vujicic's Testimony

Watch a funny outtake from Nick's interview with Kristi Watts.

Nick Vujicic: How the Dream Began

In this Web exclusive, Nick shares about the first time he knew he was called to ministry.