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An Extended Look at "The Bible" Miniseries

Catch a glimpse of the 10-hour TV drama that tells God's love story, Genesis to Revelation, from executive producers...

Islamic Extremism Spreading Across Africa

Islamic Extremism Spreading Across Africa

Mi hijo no quiere comer, qué hago?

Al menos 25% de los niños llega a la consulta del pediatra porque no quieren comer. ¿Le ha pasado?...

Preguntas al facebook: Diezmo, Fe y esposos inconversos

Queremos conocer tus inquietudes. A través de nuestra página web y facebook, tu puedes enviarnos tus preguntas. En esta...

God and Scrooge: Finding the Faith of Charles Dickens

God and Scrooge: Finding the Faith of Charles Dickens

God and Scrooge: Finding the Faith of Charles Dickens

Who was Charles Dickens, the man who brought us memorable characters like Scrooge and Tiny Tim? His work is...

A Voice of Hope: Finding Fulfillment in Life

Author and speaker Michelle McKinney-Hammond chats with Kristi Watts about keys to finding fulfillment in life.

Trusting God After Tragedy

A special interview with family therapist Ron Deal about his first hand experience with tragedy and loss and how...

In the Green Room with Kristi Watts

Fresh off the set , Kristi Watts goes " in the green room " to talk about her relationship...

Voice of Hope: Overcome Loneliness

A Voice of Hope features author Leslie Haskins discussing how God helped her navigate through loneliness.

Voice of Hope: Overcoming Unforgiveness

Pastor and author Riva Tims shares about the dangers of unforgiveness and why it is crucial to live a...

The 700 Club - November 28, 2012

'A Voice of Hope' continues with Bishop Neville Smith sharing sound strategies for dealing with heartbreak. Plus, after...

Voice of Hope: Overcoming Heartbreak

Kristi Watts sits down with Bishop Neville Smith to discuss the best strategies for dealing with heartbreak.

A Voice of Hope: Michelle McKinney Hammond: Overcoming Disappointment

Kristi Watts chats with author Michelle McKinney Hammond about overcoming disappointment.

A Voice of Hope Season Two

Hear from Ron and Nan Deal, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Bishop Neville Smith, Riva Tims, and Leslie Haskins as they...

Bring It On: Hearing God's Voice

Is it a sin for Christians to read crime novels and such?. Are we only supposed to read about...

A Voice of Hope Season Two Promo

This season we will take relational issues to a deeper level discussing the challenges that hinder us from moving...

Alabama Athlete Heeds the Call to LSU

Alabama native and college athlete Jeremy Peebles does the unthinkable and enrolls at LSU to play football. Jeremy explains...