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700 Club Interactive - October 11, 2018

Darren & Heather Turner share how their true story was made into the upcoming movie “Indivisible.”

700 Club Interactive - October 10, 2018

Grammy Award-winning Christian Music Artists For King & Country perform their newest single, Joy.

The 700 Club - October 9, 2018

For KING & COUNTRY perform Billboard’s No. 1 Christian song. Plus, Abby Johnson’s story of abortion provider turned pro-life...

Paul Wilbur Presents Upcoming Album

Paul Wilbur shares updates on his ministry and career, including his upcoming live recording in Jerusalem. He performs his...

700 Club Interactive - August 27, 2018

What’s keeping you up at night? Dr. Michael Breus has a proven cure for insomnia.

Journeying Toward God’s Plan For You

Singer/songwriter Anthony Evans shares his journey to become who God wants him to be, through good and bad times.

700 Club Interactive - August 1, 2018

In our divided political time, legendary newsman Dan Rather discusses the things that unite Americans.

700 Club Interactive - June 19, 2018

Jose Altuve is the smallest player in Major League Baseball, yet commands gigantic admiration from fellow players for his...

Beauty Pageant Title Holder Lives a Fearless Life

Former Miss Mississippi Jasmine Murray discusses her faith and following God's plan for her life.

The 700 Club - June 5, 2018

Six-time Grammy-Award winner Russ Taff remembers his long road to the top. Plus, a veteran journalist on the side...

Journey's Jonathan Cain Debuts New Book

Journey band member Jonathan Cain discusses his life in the world of rock and roll, and how he came...

The 700 Club - May 23, 2018

Five-time Grammy-winning gospel star Larnelle Harris takes a look back at his storied career. Plus, an exclusive sit-down with...

Lead an Extraordinary Life

Hall of Fame vocalist Larnelle Harris shares how he's led an extraordinary life through faith and the help of others.

Faith Through Tragedy Inspires Artist's Latest Album

Singer David Dunn discusses his faith journey and his new album, Yellow Balloons.

How This Music Prodigy Beat the Odds

Pianist Daniel Colaner shares how he survived Stage IV cancer and played at Carnegie Hall.

Nicole C. Mullen: Like Never Before

Gospel singer Nicole C. Mullen discusses faith, love, loss, and redemption. She also sings "Greater Still."

The 700 Club - November 23, 2017

Irlene Mandrell debuts her solo album, “Thanks to You.” Plus, take a behind the scenes look at the Macy’s...

The 700 Club - September 25, 2017

Meet an Army Ranger who fought on the front lines against ISIS. Plus, the Philadelphia Eagle who could fly....