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John Smoltz: Starting and Closing

Future Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz visits our Virginia Beach studio to talk faith, baseball and his new...

700 Club Interactive: Danny Gokey - May 10, 2012

American Idol finalist Danny Gokey shares about his experiences in the music industry and perform his latest single "Love Again."

Danny Gokey: Love Again

This former American Idol finalist shares his story of faith and how he dealt with the unexpected death of...

The 700 Club - May 9, 2012

Former American Idol finalist Danny Gokey shares his story of faith and how he dealt with the unexpected death...

Point of Grace: On Stage & In the Kitchen

The Christian singing group performs live and then moves into the kitchen to reveal some of their favorite recipes...

The 700 Club - May 7, 2012

Popular Christian singing group Point of Grace joins us not only to treat us to some of their latest...

The 700 Club - April 27, 2012

Pastor Robert A. Schuller shares how to let go and trust God when life does not go as planned....

Kevin LeVar: A Heart That Forgives

Christian artist Kevin LeVar discusses the 'Forgive and Live' campaign and performs a song from his latest CD.

The 700 Club - April 23, 2012

Former Olympic athlete Marion Jones talks with Scott Ross about her time in prison and the lessons she has...

The 700 Club - April 20, 2012

Robert started out as the face of the law, but his decision to be a dirty cop put him...

The 700 Club - April 16, 2012

Daniel Gray chose a life of gangs, substance abuse, and partying. That choice almost killed him. Plus, Scott Ross...

Scott MacIntyre: 'By Faith, Not By Sight'

This former American Idol finalist and author talks about overcoming the challenges of his visual impairment and his new...

The 700 Club - April 12, 2012

Former 'American Idol' finalist Scott MacIntyre talks about overcoming his visual impairment. Plus, A woman that was raised in...

The 700 Club - April 10 2012

A homeless man gets a second chance after a group of Christians model the love of God. Plus, hockey...

700 Club Interactive – Good Friday - April 6, 2012

Join us at Interactive as we celebrate Good Friday and remember the history behind the Easter holiday.

The 700 Club - April 5, 2012

The 700 Club - April 5, 2012

David Girabaldi: Portrait of Christ

David Girabaldi, painter and performance artist, paints a portrait of Jesus Christ crucified.

The Awakening of Le’Andria Johnson

This Grammy-winning singer shares her story of overcoming obstacles on the way to achieving success.