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Fla. Abortionist Arrested; Bloody Forceps in Car

Notorious late-term Florida abortionist James Scott Pendergraft IV was arrested in South Carolina Oct. 5 after he and a...

The Watchman: The ISIS Caliphate - September 23, 2014

On this week's edition of The Watchman, we sit down with Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute to...

Son of A Manson

In the ring Jason Freeman dominated opponents easily but overcoming a fear of failure and a notorious family name,...


It's been just over a month since nearly 300 school girls were kidnapped as they slept at their Nigerian...

Fighting Your Family's Demons

He dominated opponents easily, but overcoming a fear of failure and the stigma of an infamous family connection became...


Meet two Christian women who were imprisoned in Iran because of their faith. They share their story of what...

American Pastor Turned Over to Iran's 'Hanging Judge'

American Pastor Turned Over to Iran's 'Hanging Judge'

Kelly Price: The Slimmed-Down Diva

Kelly Price is a R&B singer who has worked with the best in the business. However, her weight was...

Is Iraq Fit for Democracy?

After all the setbacks, are things finally starting to turn the corner in Iraq?

China Makes Strides in War with Pollution

Beijing has made massive strides in cleaning up the city for the Olympics. But China's war with pollution is...

Jack Hakimian: Redeeming Blood, Not Gang Blood

Jack Hakimian joined the notorious Bloods gang while still in high school. Then God took hold of his life.

Holocaust Twins' Survival Story

Twin sisters, Eva and Miriam Mozes, were taken to Nazi Auschwitz at age 10, where they were used in...

Rachel Lee Carter: Fashioned by God

Rachel shares her experience of searching for modesty in the notoriously seductive fashion industry.