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CBN News Sunday:

On CBN News Sunday, Nov. 15:

CBN NewsWatch: November 15, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, Nov. 15: Typhoon-weary Filipinos: 'Only God can help us'; Violence, looting rampant in Tacloban; Another blow:...

Christian World News: November 15, 2013

This week on Christian World News: Desperation in the Philippines. Tens of thousands are without food, water or shelter,...

The Brody File: Franklin, Sammy And The GOP

This week, David Brody is joined by Franklin Graham who talks about what President Obama's re-election means for America....

CBN NewsWatch: November 15, 2012

On today's show, lawmakers blast administration during Benghazi hearing; Israel 'Pillar of Defense' operation escalates in Gaza; Dallas pastor...

News on The 700 Club: November 15, 2012

On today's broadcast, Israel at war: 'Pillar of Defense' operation escalates, Sparks fly ahead of hearings on 9/11 Benghazi...

The 700 Club - November 15, 2012

Author Kimberly Powers explains how the popularity of the Twilight movies is rooted in young women's search for meaningful...

700 Club Canada: November 15, 2012

Watch the 700 Club Canada for November 15, 2012.

700 Club Interactive: One Nation Under Surveillance - November 15, 2012

A matter of safety or an invasion of privacy? Learn more about RFID tags for school children and see...

News Channel Morning Edition: November 15, 2012

On today's show, sparks fly ahead of hearings on 9/11 Benghazi attack; Obama tackles jobs, Fiscal Cliff amid Libya...

Stakelbeck on Terror: November 15, 2011

Stakelbeck on Terror: November 15, 2011

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: November 15, 2010

Larry Sparks joins Marguerite Evans for a night of worship and ministry, exclusively on

CBN NewsWatch: November 15, 2010

On Monday's CBN Newswatch with Mark Martin and Wendy Griffith: Congress kicks off lame-duck session with taxes, Probe called...

This Week in WorldReach: November 15, 2010

Profits from "Cool Worship" will benefit CBN WorldReach. The Christian CD features Deborah Rosenkranz and Don Moen.

News Channel Midday Edition: November 15, 2010

Watch the Nov. 15 edition of CBN News Channel's Midday News with Mark Martin. Top Stories -- Congress Starts...

The 700 Club: November 15, 2010

A musician's career was in a downward spiral. A man is shocked with 13,000 volts of electricity. Also, CBN...

News on The 700 Club: November 15, 2010

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Nov. 15, the top headlines from CBN New include...

700 Club Interactive – November 15, 2010

Feature: Veronica's Voice

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