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News Channel Morning Edition: Dec. 27, 2013

The best of our recent stories including the latest numbers showing how President Obama is losing the support of...


A recent investigation into international adoptions sent shock waves throughout the adoption community. It found a growing number of...


The total number dead in the Philippines is still not known, and many families are still desperately searching for...

Hackers to Congress: 'Shut Down'

Hackers to Congress: 'Shut Down'

Wall Street Sees Record-Breaking Numbers

Wall Street Sees Record-Breaking Numbers

Desperate Woman's Search for Love Ends at the Cross

A childhood of neglect and abuse left Jennifer hurt and confused. She desperately sought love from men, then babies,...

Bring It On-Line: "Bible Bbelievers'" Church

I have read that I need to find a "Bible believers'" church. What is one, and why should I...

Strokes Affecting Growing Number of Young People

Strokes Affecting Growing Number of Young People

Police Fight Sex-Trafficking with Unlikely Partners

Human trafficking is challenging illegal drugs as the most profitable criminal enterprise. In Chicago, A growing number of missing...


Last year, when thousands of Syrian refugees started pouring over borders into neighboring countries, humanitarian aid workers moved into...


When the sun rises in the coastal city of Cartegena, Colombia, most folks are still sound asleep. However, a...

God, Grace, and the Roar of Thunder

NASCAR driver Blake Koch shares his faith journey and how God has blessed his life.

Christian 'Gap Year' Pushes Teens Beyond the Margins

As many high school graduates head to college this fall, a growing number are deciding to take a year...

Americans Fed Up with NSA's Spy Programs?

Americans Fed Up with NSA's Spy Programs?

Pres. Obama Kicks off Economic 'Refocus' Tour

Pres. Obama Kicks off Economic 'Refocus' Tour

The 700 Club - July 9, 2013

Malibu Nanny Pam Behan shares her experience being the Nanny for the Jenner and Kardashian children. Plus,...

Just Breathe: Healing from Sinus Cancer

Stage 4 cancer near his brain put a number on Jacob's remaining days.

Health Alert! Secrets of the Processed Food Industry

When it comes to our health, processed food is public enemy number one. In order to win any battle,...