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CBN News Sunday: Stories of Saving Grace in Oregon Shooting

On CBN News Sunday, October 11: A father of one of the Oregon shooting survivors tells his daughters story....

CBN NewsWatch: October 11, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, Oct. 11: European Parliament calls for Pastor Saeed's release, A deal near? GOP plan opens door...

Christian World News: October 11, 2013

Today on Christian World News: On the Horn of Africa, terrorist groups are increasing their influence and activity. Find...

The Brody File: Race to the Finish

This week on The Brody File, a look the the changing presidential race, in the final weeks. Plus, a...

CBN NewsWatch: October 11, 2012

On CBN Newswatch, Oct. 11: Ryan, Biden prep to face off in vice presidential debate; Faith groups fight 'rape'...

News on The 700 Club: October 11, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" for Oct. 11, top headlines from CBN News: Game On! Ryan, Biden Prep...

700 Club Canada:October 11, 2012

Watch the 700 Club Canada for October 11, 2012.

The 700 Club - October 11, 2012

Michiael and Janet face death in a gasoline tanker truck accident that becomes an inferno. Plus, Ten-year-old Sulita desperately...

700 Club Interactive: Church Hopping - October 11, 2012

700 Club Interactive host Gordon Robertson teaches on the importance of church fellowship as we take on the topic...

News Channel Morning Edition: October 11, 2012

Watch the Oct. 11 edition of the CBN News Channel's Morning News with Charlene Israel. Game On! Ryan, Biden...

700 Club Interactive: Prayer Works - July 6, 2012

700 ClubInteractive's Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuswen take on the topic of prayer, proving that it really works.

This Week in WorldReach: October 11, 2010

CBN WorldReach brings medical missions and a powerful video, "The Jesus Film," to the people of India.

The 700 Club: October 11, 2010

A couple finds God's grace after an affair. CBN News reports on faith in a Texas women's prison.

News on The 700 Club: October 11, 2010

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Monday, October 11, the top headlines from CBN News...

CBN NewsWatch: October 11, 2010

On Monday's CBN Newswatch with Wendy Griffith: President Obama hits the campaign trail to rally midterm votes, one candidate's...

700 Club Interactive – October 11, 2010

Guest: Judge Glenda Hatchett

News Channel Morning Edition: October 11, 2010

Watch the Monday, October 11 edition of CBN News Channel's Morning News with Heather Sells. Top Stories -- Wednesday...

Bring It On - October 11, 2006

Bring It On - October 11, 2006

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