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India Cyclone Victims Return to Devastated Villages

India Cyclone Victims Return to Devastated Villages


Three weeks after massive storms brought devastation to large areas of southern Mexico, thousands of victims are still stunned...

Mexico Storm Victims Still Stunned by Loss

Mexico Storm Victims Still Stunned by Loss

Ahora, Mirna y su familia tienen agua para beber!

El consumo de agua contaminada está minando la vida de cientos de habitantes en El Salvador . Los más...

Her Mom Would Be Proud

Sevina became an orphan at five years old. But, through the love of friends like you, she now...

Dineo’s Story: New Life from the Ashes

After losing both parents at 13, Dineo struggles to care for her younger sisters. Watch hope transform her hopeless situation.

Samuel’s New Home

Abandoned at only two years old, Samuel had no place to call home until Orphan's Promise stepped in to help.

The Tornado that Changed Their Lives Forever

When a F5 tornado ripped through Moore, OK, it took nearly everything from Dani and Ross Legg–including their nine-year-old...

They Risked Everything for Their Dream

Buzz and Teresa had big dreams when they moved to Marion, NC, but wound up living in a tent,...

CBN Celebrates 52 Years

Take a look back at the history of CBN on our 52nd birthday.

Her Heart’s Desire

Conchita wanted to help her husband earn more money to feed and care for their children. God gave...

First a Tornado, Then a Flood, What Would Be Next

After Floyd’s home was severely damaged by an F5 tornado, 11 days later a flood almost finished it off....

The House from Heaven

Blanca and her twin sons lived in a house made out of bits of tin and plastic, and one...

What is Life Like - After an Earthquake

Glendy was in such shock after her husband died in an earthquake, it took her 3 days to realize...

Living in a Home of Plastic and Leaves

When she could find work, Maria sometimes made $5 a day cutting weeds and grass. At night, Maria and...

A School Safe From Elephants

Masai villagers were afraid to let their children walk five miles to school because of dangerous elephants. But without...

No Tools Means No Work

When someone stole Jose’s set of tools, the hardworking father lost his job and was unable to provide food...

Thousands Stranded in Mexico after Deadly Storms

Thousands Stranded in Mexico after Deadly Storms