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It's Called 'Greatest Humanitarian Crisis of our Time'

It's Called 'Greatest Humanitarian Crisis of our Time'

700 Club Interactive - October 19, 2016

Casey Walker discusses LOST KITES documentary that seeks answers to the global orphan crisis.

The Global Orphan Crisis

Filmmaker Casey Walker discusses LOST KITES documentary that seeks answers to the global orphan crisis.

The 700 Club - October 18, 2016

A killer headache that left the doctors stumped. Watch what finally brought one mom some relief. Plus, filmmaker Casey...

Documentary Seeks Answers To The Global Orphan Crisis

Screenwriter and missionary Casey Walker discusses Lost Kites, a documentary about orphans, the challenges they face, and hope in...

Girl in the Trade

Orphan's Promise's Anti-trafficking efforts in the United States of America

“Melody stays in School” - Women of the Masai tribe in Kenya

OP work in Kenya. A teen girl who is breaking from tribal customs and working toward a career.

“Where are the Children” - War in Ukraine

Orphan’s Promise finds and evacuates children in Ukraine's combat zone.

From Abuse to Starvation. When Would the Misery End?

For 13 years Irma and her three children endured unimaginable abuse from her husband before fleeing his cruelty. They...

Blamed for Her Husband’s Death

Sonia had a happy life with her husband and 4 children. But that came to an end when her...

No Birthday Cake for Amila

Amila turned 4, but without cake or presents. Her mom was ashamed to tell her that there wasn’t money...

“I have one dream. For my daughter to be healthy.”

Like any 7-year-old, she wanted to run and play with other children, but Samira was born with two painful...

700 Club Interactive - August 31, 2016

See how you can help orphans around the world…one glass of lemonade at a time.

Lemonade Stands Help Orphans Around The World

Kids wanted to help orphans with lemonade stand but didn’t earn much. They decided to challenge other kids across...

Alone and Looking For A Healthy Home

Muay and her two children fled to Thailand to escape her abusive husband. Desperate for a healthy home and...

Maria the Manicurist

After fleeing from her abusive past, Maria gets help from Orphan’s Promise to be self-sustainable.

700 Club Interactive - A Heart for Orphans - June 15, 2016

Hear how a college student founded a children’s village and orphanage in Ghana.