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Abandoned? Mideast Christians Overlooked in the War on Terror

In the wake of recent terror attacks, the news has been dominated by ISIS, and questions on whether to...

Experts: US Overlooking its Biggest Threat, China

A growing number of national security experts say China may actually pose the greatest long-term national security threat to...

Jerusalem Dateline: Beneath the Helmet - October 17, 2014

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: A symbolic gesture that gives a push to a Palestinian State; plus “Beneath the...

Obama Awards Overlooked War Vets Medal of Honor

Obama Awards Overlooked War Vets Medal of Honor

Gypsy Blog Response

If you are a Gypsy in Ukraine you can expect to be forgotten, overlooked, and disrespected. What a difference...


Americans celebrate Independence Day July 4, but a key point that is often overlooked in the celebrations is the...

The 700 Club - March 6, 2013

Medical doctor and author Kara Davis shares her, "Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart." Plus, overlooked as a child,...

A Drug Addict Delivered

Overlooked as a child, Ronnie dulled the pain with substance abuse that eventually left him homeless and suicidal.

Overlooked Security Threat: Inside Hospitals

Overlooked Security Threat: Inside Hospitals

Churches Become Heroes to Nation's Military Families

Churches Become Heroes to Nation's Military Families

Iowa: A Candidate's Field of Dreams

The cornfields of Iowa have been a field of dreams for presidential candidates.

Most Common Cancer Kills 500 Every Week

The most common category of cancer may not be what you think it is.

Israel's Enemies: Then and Now

In the lead up to the Six Day War, many of Israel's enemies talked openly about destroying the Jewish...

Dr. David Harrell: A Forgotten History

The retired history professor will discuss the need to put religion back into the teaching of our nation's founding.

Huckabee on Divided Jerusalem, Election

During his visit to Israel this week former governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee talked about the division of...

Torch Returns to China Following Aftershocks

The Olympic torch began its tour of China's earthquake-ravaged Sichuan province - the last stop before it heads to Beijing.

Joe Gandolfo: Tax Consultation for the Wealthy

The financial expert discusses how to get ready for April 15th.

Courting the Latino Vote

Clinton and Obama are trying to court an important segment of the population in Texas: Latino voters.

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