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Bring It On-Line: - March 29, 2017


Bring It On-Line: Wiccan Best Friend

I have a best friend for 55 years. She practices paganism and insists she is not a Satanist, even...

Bring It On-Line: Sunday a Pagan Worship Day?

My Father had always said to his children that he was going to leave all his property and assets...

Bring It On-Line: Celebration of Holidays

I am a mother of small children who is trying to determine the best ways to celebrate Christian holidays...

Bring It On-Line: Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

I had a back fusion 5 years ago and have constant pain- Is it possible to be healed even...

President: Climate Change Defining Threat of Century

President: Climate Change Defining Threat of Century

Bring It On-Line: Easter or Resurrection Sunday

It is my understanding that the word Easter is not biblical and in fact comes from a pagan spring...

Bring It On-Line: Holy Land Visit

I read recently that Valentine's day is a pagan holiday. Is this true? As Christians, should we celebrate it?...

Bring It On: Consequences of Sin

Why do you promote and celebrate Christmas when it has nothing to do with Jesus? Christmas is based on...

Europe's Climate Change Alarmism a Religious Belief?

Europe's Climate Change Alarmism a Religious Belief?

How Should Christians Approach Halloween?

The families at Greenbrier Church get together every October 31 to provide an environment that makes room for heaps...

Neo-Paganism Re-Captures Ancient Heresies

While neo-paganism continues to re-capture the ancient heresies, many are saying that its claims prove hollow.

'Inked' for Christ?

Heather Sells investigates why churches across the country are finding more and more people in their congregations have tattoos....

Shalom: Worshipping the Right God

Shalom spent most of her life searching for peace. As a teenager, she began to dabble in witchcraft, hoping...

Christians Call for Peace, Prayer in Bolivia

This week, Christians cried out for peace in Bolivia, as the country came to the brink of civil war.

Martha Williamson: Life After 'Touched by an Angel'

The fomer executive producer talks with Terry Meeuwsen about her career since a hit TV show and her new...

George Barna: Christians and Religious Pluralism

The researcher and author talks with Gordon Robertson about his new book, "The Seven Faith Tribes."

Air Force Academy Dedicates 'Inclusive' Chapel

Air Force Academy Dedicates 'Inclusive' Chapel

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