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Menendez Maintains Innocence in Wake of Indictment

Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., said charges that he used his office to help a party donor are political and...

Spokesman: Nigeria's Muslim Candidate Wins Election

The party of former military dictator Muhammadu Buhari is celebrating their candidate's victory in Nigeria's presidential election.

Snow Blowers Still Humming as Spring Begins

The calendar says spring, but winter refuses to let go of its grip on many parts of the country.

Against All Odds: Unpacking Netanyahu's Landslide Win

Just days ago, some pundits were writing his political obituary. But Israeli voters gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a...

Israelis Hit the Polls in Hotly Contested Election

A high turnout is expected in Israel's hotly contested national elections Tuesday.

Netanyahu on Election: 'We Can Close the Gap!'

Israel's soldiers have already begun to vote in a crucial election to choose the country's next prime minister.

Vida Dura #417

En este episodio de Vida Dura. Alonso Cerón de El Salvador, nos cuenta todo lo que sufrió en la...

Bring It On-Line: Praying for Pets

Pat, do you ever lay hands on one of your horses and ask God to heal him? I'm believing...

Burger King Drops Soda from Kids' Menu

Burger King has quietly dropped sugary soft drinks from its kids' menu boards, and they aren't merchandised as part...

Israeli Voters Divided, Christians Urged to Pray

The question of which parties and which leader Israel will choose to lead their next government in Tuesday's election...

Miracle Survivors Tell of Boko Haram's Unspeakable 'Evil'

As ISIS continues to grab the global spotlight, Boko Haram operates under the radar, seizing parts of Nigeria. Those...

No Longer “Fallen,” Annie is Standing Tall and Fighting Back

After enduring years of abuse and addiction as part of the sex industry, Annie cried out for help and...

What Speech Means for Netanyahu's Political Future

What Speech Means for Netanyahu's Political Future

Investigators Uncover 32K Emails in IRS Probe

Investigators Uncover 32K Emails in IRS Probe

Obama Predicts Court Victory in Amnesty Battle

Obama Predicts Court Victory in Amnesty Battle

Odelín Delgado: "Yo era propiedad del gobierno cubano"

El testimonio de un soldado cubano que desertó y logró escapar en balsa del régimen y su revolución. Además,...

Vida Dura # 415

En Vida Dura, Mauricio Gordillo fue un niño maltratado que huyó de su casa, para caer en el seno...

Netanyahu in the Crosshairs: Who Is 'OneVoice'?

Israeli voters will choose their next government and prime minister in several weeks. This election campaign, however, is getting...