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700 Club Interactive: Dirty God - December 12, 2012

Author, pastor, advisor, professor of religion and a VP at Liberty University Johnnie Moore shares about God's greatest quality...

700 Club Interactive: The Father’s Heart - December 11, 2012

Pastor, author, speaker and songwriter Chris DuPré shares his testimony and music with Interactive.

Club 700 Hoy: Diciembre 9, 2012 #390

Dr. Edwin Lemuel Ortiz. autor y conferencista, nos habla de las anacondas emocionales y nos presenta su libro "Intimidades",...

Christian World News: December 7, 2012

On Christian World News, Dec. 7: Pastor says Egypt's going back to the Dark Ages; Philippines combs typhoon wreckage...

CBN NewsWatch: December 7, 2012

On CBN Newswatch, Dec. 7: Pot, Gay Marriage Votes Spur Complex Legal Dance; Egyptian pastor says Egypt's going back...

Egyptian Pastor: Egypt's Going Back to the Dark Ages

Egyptian Pastor: Egypt's Going Back to the Dark Ages

700 Club Interactive: Back to Church - December 6, 2012

National Back to Church Sunday representative Eric Abel shares about his viral video "Rapping Pastors" and how churches can...

The 700 Club - December 5, 2012

Pastor and author Riva Tims shares about the dangers of unforgiveness. Plus, cookbook author Martha Pullen showcases some of...

Voice of Hope: Overcoming Unforgiveness

Pastor and author Riva Tims shares about the dangers of unforgiveness and why it is crucial to live a...

Club 700 Hoy: Diciembre 2, 2012 #389

Andrés Panasiuk, Fundador de Cultura Financiera, nos habla de las tarjetas de crédito.

The Brody File: Power Players Join Brody File

This week we are joined by Sen. Lindsey Graham who delves into the impact of the fiscal cliff and...

Popular Pastor Says Obamacare Mandate

Popular Pastor Says Obamacare Mandate

Club 700 Hoy: Noviembre 25, 2012 #388

Tony Rivera, Coordinador de mercadeo de Casa Creación, nos presenta la Biblia para la guerra espiritual.

Bring It On: Disappointment

How do you help your children get past the hurt, anger and disappointment of their parent's separation? How do...

Man of Many Vices Finds New Life

Ernest Shannon tried to put his checkered past behind him after he married, but the temptations were too strong...

Club 700 Hoy: Noviembre 18, 2012 #387

Esteban Castro, productor y director, nos presenta su documental "El Sol en el espejo", ganador del Premio Nacional de...

Dallas Pastor Trades Home for the Streets

Dallas Pastor Trades Home for the Streets

CBN NewsWatch: November 15, 2012

On today's show, lawmakers blast administration during Benghazi hearing; Israel 'Pillar of Defense' operation escalates in Gaza; Dallas pastor...