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The 700 Club - May 11, 2011

Pat Robertson continues his Secret Kingdom teachings with a study on the Law of Use and Randy Geissler struggled...

The Secret Kingdom: The Law of Use

Pat Robertson teaches a live audience about the Law of Use from his Secret Kingdom series.

Bring It On: Agnostic Daughter

Bring It On: Agnostic Daughter

Regent University Commencement 2011

A look at the Regent University Commencement ceremony where Dan Cathy, president and COO of Chick-fil-A, addresses the class...

Bring It On: Lust

Bring It On: Lust

Bring It On: Secret Kingdom Principles

How can parents share the principles of the "Secret Kingdom" with their kids? If you are a sinner does...

The 700 Club - May 4, 2011

Christian music artist Dorothy Savage shares how she overcame a destructive eating disorder and Pat Robertson teaches from his...

The Secret Kingdom: The Two Domains

Pat Robertson teaches from his successful series, The Secret Kingdom.

Bring It On: Pre-Existance

I feel that I married the wrong one, should we stay together for the kid's sake? My daughter dresses...

Bring It On: Bible Translations

Bring It On: Bible Translations

Bring It On: God's Will

My son's wife physically abuses him, biblically can he asks for a divorce? How do I know who God...

At the Cross, April 29, 2011

Join us with Pat Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen and Michael Little as they pray for our nation on the 404th...

Bring It On: Age of Accountability

Being a Christian, should I be willing to reconcile with my wife who committed adultery? I am 12 years...

Bring It On: How to Pray

Is it wrong to pray for something constantly? Were the Christians in Germany supposed to pray for Hitler? I...

Bring It On: Prayer Life

Being Catholic, where does Mary fit into our prayer life? How do we get angels to appear in our...

Week of Prayer: Pat Robertson (04/25/11)

Dr. M. G. Robertson speaks to CBN/Regent Staff during the opening chapel of the annual Week of Prayer services...

Week of Prayer: April 25, 2011

Join us as we gather on the CBN/Regent Campus as Pat Robertson shares from the word of God. We...

Bring It On: Prayer

Bring It On: Prayer