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Bring It On: God Particle

Bring It On: God Particle

Bring It On: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Bring It On: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Bring It On: God's Existance

Can you give a further explanation as to what to expect during tribulation? My 7 year old grand-son wants...

Bring It On: Tribulation

Bring It On: Tribulation

Pat Robertson: The Prophetic Significance of Israel

Pat continues his Signs of the Times teachings with a look at the prophetic significance of Israel under attack.

Bring It On: "One World Government"

Bring It On: "One World Government"

The 700 Club - August 24, 2011

Signs of the Times week continues on The 700 Club with another Pat Robertson Teaching on Matthew 24, and...

Pat Robertson Teaches on Matthew 24

Pat Robertson Teaches on Matthew 24

Bring It On: Mark of the Beast

What is the REAL I-D act, is it the mark of the beast? Could you explain the mark of...

The 700 Club - August 23, 2011

Signs of The Times week continues on the 700 Club as Pat examines Biblical prophecies that have been used...

Pat Robertson: How Will It All End?

In an overview of biblical prophecy, Pat reveals the timeline from Adam to the present day. He also talks...

The Healing of Mike Johns

Mike had a very painful urinary tract infection. While he was watching the show, Pat had a word...

Bring It On: End Times

Is there any truth to the world ending in 2012? Will the United States be part of the "End...

"Signs of the Times" with Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson with a teaching on the "Signs of the Times"

Bring It On: Age in Heaven

When you go to Heaven, will you be the same age you were on Earth? Is it wrong to...

Brian Jones: Hell is Real

Author and pastor Brian Jones shares his story of coming to a belief in the reality of hell when...

Bring It On: Grieving

One of my dearest friends passed away and I am having a hard time dealing with it, any suggestions?...

Bring It On: Forgiveness

Bring It On: Forgiveness