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Bring It On-Line: "Soul Sleep"

So we go to Heaven when we die, right? How come Paul talks about us being "asleep" all the...

Our Forgotten Disease: Finding an Alzheimer's Cure

Paul Terkeltaub, who has Alzhiemer's, and his wife Marcy are facing life with as much courage as they can...

Bring It On-Line: Children and Tithes

Paul said that he'd prefer someone to speak five words that make sense than ten thousand that don't. So...

Superbook: “Paul and the Shipwreck”

Watch a preview of Superbook: “Paul and the Shipwreck”. Even when we are weak or afraid, God will...

Paul Howard on Obamacare Roll Out- CBN News Today

Paul Howard on Obamacare Roll Out- CBN News Today

Paul Arrested

Paul arrested for 'causing a disturbance'.

Paul Boards a Ship to Rome

Paul boards a ship to Rome in order to stand trial before Caesar.

Jesus Appears to Paul

Jesus appears to Paul in prison and assures Paul that he must bear witness in Rome.

Paul Shares About Impending Catastrophe

shares with ship's officers about a pending disaster that they will encounter, if they stay on their current course.

Paul Says Everyone Will Be Ok

Paul tells the crew that they will be shipwrecked on an island, but that everyone will be OK.

Paul Bitten By Snake

Paul is bitten by a snake, but experiences no harm.

Publius' Father Is Healed

Paul prays for the healing of Publius' father and he is healed.

Paul and the Shipwreck - The Salvation Poem

The message of Christ's love for each of us set to scenes of the Superbook episode "Paul and the Shipwreck".

The Brody File Heads for the Heartland - October 3, 2013

The Brody File heads to Iowa and our cameras get the exclusive of prayer and politics… evangelical style. Plus,...

The School Revolution: Fixing Our Broken Education

There's grave concern about American public education today as less than one-quarter of our students meet "college ready" standards....

Sen. Paul: Prison Sentencing Rules Hurt Minorities

Sen. Paul: Prison Sentencing Rules Hurt Minorities

Rand Paul - The Brody File

Rand Paul - The Brody File