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A Tale of 2 Parties: Dems Plagued by Division as GOP Unites Behind Trump 

A Tale of 2 Parties: Dems Plagued by Division as GOP Unites Behind Trump 

Vida Dura # 456

Hoy, la historia de Silvia Pérez, víctima de depresiones, cambia su perspectiva de la vida luego de estar al...

Turning Point - October 21, 2015

KAY ARTHUR. Is there really life after death? The author shares truths about what really happens beyond death. ALI PEREZ....

Abuelo Teporocho

La historia de un niño que sufría el maltrato de su abuelo, sirve de marco para presentar una historia...

La talla es lo de menos.

Gina Pérez es una talentosa mujer que aprendió a confeccionar su propia ropa, pues nada de lo que encontraba...

Guatemala Elects Christian Comedian amid Prayer Movement

Guatemalan voters have chosen a comedian with studies in theology as their new president.

Cresting Rivers Threaten More Flooding in S. Carolina

The rain has subsided, but South Carolina residents are not out of the woods yet. Just as people begin...

Stress Relief for Military

When Sergeant Rubin deploys overseas, wife Natalie has her hands full with three kids—two with medical issues. See how...

Cuban Rule Change Allows More Business, Ministry

A change in Cuban government rules has allowed a small number of residents to become private business owners and...

Female Pilots Spread Wings in the Name of Earhart

Female pilots celebrate the memory of Amelia Earheart by flying in the Air Race Classic, honoring tradition and showing...

Photo Studio Captures Cuban Church's Revival

A successful photographic studio in the capital of Cuba is offering unexpected support to the nation's Christian community.

For Amelia Earhart Air Racers, the 'Sky is Home'

An all female air race kicked off to commemmorate Amelia Earhart's flight across the Atlantic ocean 87 years ago. Pilots...

Guatemala Gov't Corruption Sets Off Angry Protests

The unrest in Guatemala comes after a string of graft scandals that resulted in the ouster of several cabinet members.

The 700 Club - April 21, 2015

When police officer Ali Perez was critically injured after being shot by a suspect, Jesus challenged him to do...

Critically Injured Cop Sees Vision of Jesus During Shootout

Officer Ali Perez was nearly killed while serving a warrant on a suspected pedophile. During a shootout, Jesus appeared...

Bible Survives Deadly New York City Blast

Bible Survives Deadly New York City Blast

Una bicicleta para Abner

Abner es un niño que le encanta jugar con su bicicleta, pero un día su diversión fue arruinada por...

Cherry Farmer Schools GOP in Winning Hispanics

Cherry Farmer Schools GOP in Winning Hispanics

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