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Tampa Bay Rays Prospect Steven Souza Ready to Play Ball

After almost squandering his chance to make it in the Major Leagues, Steven Souza chose a heart transformation that...

'Recycled Orchestra' Turns Trash into Music

The young musicians in this story have performed around the world. They've even met European royalty. Yet they live...

Suicidal Ministry Leader Meets Angel in Asylum

She was a famous singer-songwriter. She worked along-side Billy Graham during the crusades. She was a 700 Club co-host....

Songs of Hope: White House Celebrates Gospel Music

President Barack Obama and the first lady invited top recording artists to the White House Tuesday for a celebration...

AL House OKs 'Freedom of Religion in Marriage' Bill

Alabama's House of Representatives has approved the Freedom of Religion in Marriage Act, that seeks to protect individuals from...


Spoken word performance by Kirby Anthony, pastor at R5 Church in Charlotte, NC.

OK Bill Protects Clergy from Officiating Gay Marriages

Oklahoma lawmakers have approved a bill that gives church leaders the right to object to performing same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Andraé Crouch: Club Performances 2

Songs featured: "If Heaven was Never Promised to Me," "Jesus is Lord," "Touch Me," "Dreamin'"

Andraé Crouch: Club Performances 1

Songs featured: "This is Another Day, "Soon and Very Soon," "I Just Want to Know You," "Tell Them"

A Child Can Be Too Tired to Learn

Peter’s poor school performance baffled the teachers at the children’s home—until they discovered that he was exhausted from doing...

'The Great Divorce' on Stage Delivers Poignant Message

'The Great Divorce' on Stage Delivers Poignant Message

Violinist Maurice Sklar Performs 'O Come, Emmanuel'

Violinist Maurice Sklar Performs 'O Come, Emmanuel'

CBN Global Update: December 22, 2014

Children with special needs in Ukraine enjoyed a Superbook episode with a surprise visit from Gizmo and a performance...

Mark Schultz Performs "Different Kind of Christmas"

Mark Schultz sings his touching new song, “Different Kind of Christmas,” live.

How Brandon Chase went from a Love of Baseball to Turning Chairs on The Voice

Brandon appeared on season 5 of "The Voice" and was picked for Team Blake. Though he didn’t win, he...

Protect Your Health – Immunity Series Promo

By making some common-sense modifications you can ensure your body operates at peak performance during the cold and flu...

Bring It On-Line: Who Can Baptize?

I read that any Christian can baptize someone else because it's not about the person baptizing but about Christ....

Idaho Ministers Told Perform Gay Marriage or Go to Jail

Idaho Ministers Told Perform Gay Marriage or Go to Jail