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College Football Coach Turns to Bible as Playbook for Life

Baylor University’s football coach Art Briles talks with CBN Sports about turning to his faith to overcome personal tragedy.

Mundo Cristiano: Julio 25, 2014

Veamos hoy. Conflicto en Gaza genera temor de una nueva Intifada en Israel. Cristianos huyen de la cuidad de...

Bring It On-Line: Marriage and Children at 61

I know all things are possible with God, and that nothing is too hard for Him. Can I, a...

Mario Búcaro presenta: Misión Luz

El Director Regional de CBN Latino, Mario Búcaro, presenta "Misión Luz", un esfuerzo por devolverle la vista a 80...

Club 700 Hoy: Julio 20, 2014 #471

¡Únete a nosotros para devolverle la vista a 80 personas en Guatemala!

Bring It On-Line: Forgivness

If you are living a life without pain, sickness, trouble and disappointment you are not a born again Christian....

VIDEO: Miles de personas huyen de la violencia en Irak

VIDEO: Miles de personas huyen de la violencia en Irak

Mundo Cristiano: Junio 27, 2014

Veamos hoy. Exodo masivo de niños centroamericanos hacia E.E. U.U. preocupa a la iglesia. Miles de personas huyen...

Persona Non Grata: Islam's Persecution of Christians

People worldwide embrace Christianity more than any other religion, and Christians are the most persecuted. Mideast expert Raymond Ibrahim...

Persona Non Grata: Islam's Persecution of Christian

Persona Non Grata: Islam's Persecution of Christian

700 Club Interactive : Masks - June 18, 2014

She was one person during the day and another at night. See what happened when she took off her mask.

What Tim Russert Taught Me About Fatherhood

Son of the late NBC News personality Tim Russert, Luke Russert talks about his father’s life and the re-release...

Bring It On-Line: Donation of Blood or Organs

I am aware of a person buying and selling drugs who has enlisted their two young adult children to...

Mission to Disprove God Reveals Need for Him

With no belief in any God, Guillaume pursued whatever made him happy in life. Then he fell in love...

Una casa para María.

En la actualidad, millones de personas viven en la calle, cubiertos apenas por plásticos raídos, expuestos a las inclemencias...

Three States Launch Probe of eBay Cyber-Attack

Three States Launch Probe of eBay Cyber-Attack

Does Paying Off Your Debt Seem Impossible?

Who wants to wait to buy the thing they want when they can charge it now? This is how...

Christian World News: May 16, 2014

This week on Christian World News: As Nigeria continues the search for 300 kidnapped schoolgirls, one victim of Boko...