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Vida Dura # 382

En Vida Dura, Efrén Arce, tira su exitosa carrera bancaria, cuando decidió tomar riesgos haciéndose cómplice de negocios ilícitos.Por...

Ejemplo de vida y constancia!

Nada en Félix Espinoza Vargas es atípico, a no ser, su constante buen sentido del humor, su extrema amabilidad...

María Espinoza: me curé del asma, viendo Club 700 Hoy!

María Espinoza nos cuenta en esta oportunidad, como no volvió a experimentar ataques de asma, luego de ver Club...

Vida Dura # 375

En Vida Dura, el famoso atleta peruano Roberto Abugattas, acostumbrado al éxito, enfrentó el fracaso en su vida personal,...

Operation Blessing Protects a Single Mother's Business

A single mother sells jewelry to support her family on the dangerous streets of Peru. She has been robbed...

Vida Dura # 363

En Vida Dura, un famoso cantante peruano destruye su familia y carrera por el alcohol. Además, una mujer busca...

Vida Dura # 354

En Vida Dura, la inspiradora historia de una niña de 11 años que enfermó gravemente con un cáncer muy...


Existe un lugar donde uno puede limpiarse los zapatos de una manera diferente. En Lima Perú la municipalidad de...

Would You Risk a Snakebite for Polluted Water?

Katherine was terrified to get water from the polluted river where a snake’s bite almost killed her, but it...

CBN Hosts Christmas in Dangerous Peruvian Prison

CBN Hosts Christmas in Dangerous Peruvian Prison

CBN Global Update: December 17, 2012

Thanks to CBN partners, children of inmates in Lima, Peru had a Christmas treat they'll never forget!

Superbook South of the Border

Superbook is sweeping across Latin America with a wave of excitement and anticipation for more.

'Jesus Agenda' Inspires Christians to Combat Poverty

'Jesus Agenda' Inspires Christians to Combat Poverty

Water At Any Given Time

Don never had a fresh source of drinking water, a local factory gave the residents a little water but...

Clinton: President Wouldn't Have Known Libya Specifics

Clinton: President Wouldn't Have Known Libya Specifics

Please Help my Baby Sister’s Smile

When five-year-old Maria first saw her baby sister Naomi’s cleft lip, she asked her mother Carmen if she had...

Well of Danger

After four-year-old Xiamara almost drowned in an open well, her terrified mother wondered—would it happen again?

A House in a Day and Hope for the Future

Abandoned by her husband, Elizabeth tried to shelter her children under plastic bags and tarps. Discover how she not...