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CBN NewsWatch: October 24, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, Oct. 24: Blame game dominates Obamacare site fiasco hearing, Fallout from NSA spy programs continues to...

News on The 700 Club: Oct. 24, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" Oct. 24: IRS Tea Party scandal outcry peters to whimper, Contractor fingers HHS...

IRS Tea Party Scandal Outcry Peters to Whimper

IRS Tea Party Scandal Outcry Peters to Whimper

700 Club Interactive: Ten Great Dates - Oct. 24, 2013

Co-authors for "10 Great Dates" Peter and Heather Larson take on the topic of marriage and how to keep...

How One Man Retired at 55—Debt Free!

Peter Rios was only 55 when he walked away from his career of 33 years. So how was he...

Bring It On-Line: Pets and Rapture

What happens to my pets when rapture happens? My husband does not believe in saving, he believes in storing...

Farewell to 700 Club Floor Director Pete Duda

After 40 years of dedicated service to The 700 Club, floor director Pete Duda works his last show with...

Superbook "Peter Tries to Defend Jesus"

"Peter Tries to Defend Jesus"

Superbook "Peter Shares About Jesus"

“Peter Shares About Jesus”

700 Club Interactive - Propaganda aka Jason Petty

Propaganda gives an intimate look at his struggles with self-image and racism, so others can see the man behind...

Jesus Walks on Water: "The Bible" Miniseries

Jesus invites Peter to have faith amidst the tempest in this clip from "Mission", episode 7 of HISTORY's hit...

Jesus Meets Peter: "The Bible" Miniseries

In this clip from Episode 6, Jesus calls Peter, a humble fisherman of Galilee, to become a fisher of men.

SB 111 Peter

SB 111 Peter

Unfrozen: Gospel Reaches the 'End of the World'

In the northernmost parts of Siberia, Peter Khudi is braving the frigid temperatures to share the gospel with remote tribes.

Peter Sprigg - CBN News

Peter Sprigg - CBN News

Philip Peters and Sen. Rob Schaaf

Philip Peters and Sen. Rob Schaaf

Superbook 109 Peter

Super Book 109 Peter

Texan Politicos Wrangle to Win Latino Vote

Texan Politicos Wrangle to Win Latino Vote