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The 700 Club - August 26, 2014

Evangelist Heidi Baker shares what it means to be sold out for faith. Plus, former NFL player and current...

Oakland A’s Prospect Ready to Show Passion for Baseball and God

Oakland Athletics prospect Billy Burns has scorching speed and an impressive glove, but this baseball player wants you to...

Restoring Peace to a Community Torn Apart

Former NFL player and current pastor in Ferguson, MO talks about the racial unrest that has plagued the community.

Get to Know Graham Gano

Carolina Panthers Graham Gano talks about faith and how being a professional football player gives him a platform to...

Do you know Billy Burns?

Billy Burns shares that now that’s he been called up to the Bigs for the A’s he wants fans...

Former NFL Player Finds Purpose in Food Ministry

Cut from the NFL and bankrupt, Greg Scott found purpose in helping others eat.

Former Alabama Football Player Remembers Deadly Tornado

Jacksonville Jaguars long snapper Carson Tinker shares his story of surviving the devastating tornado that took his girlfriend’s life.

Bring It On-Line: Water Baptism

I have a friend who recently joined a church that does not allow instruments to be played during praise...


The World Cup in Brazil is dominating the attention of more than a billion people around the world. Even...

Iraq War POW Jessica Lynch is Unapologetic About Faith

Jessica Lynch discusses her time in the military, her experience of being a POW and how faith played a...

Superbook Premieres in Mandarin Chinese

Superbook’s “He Is Risen” episode played to enthusiastic Chinese children in the Mandarin language. Hear the comments from excited...

'Million Dollar Arm,' 'Godzilla,' Family Friendly?

'Million Dollar Arm,' 'Godzilla,' Family Friendly?

Athlete Faces Identity Crisis at Career’s End

Football paved the way out of poverty for Derwin Gray, but it soon became his identity. As his playing...

Papá Tortuga

Esta es la historia de Samuel Centeno, un pescador salvadoreño, quien con sus propios recursos y sin ninguna ayuda...

Clippers Owner in Deep over Alleged Racist Remarks

Clippers Owner in Deep over Alleged Racist Remarks

NHL Champion Checks Fear of Failure

NHL veteran and Stanley Cup Champion Matt Cullen talks about his evolving faith and overcoming his fear of failure...

• Douglas Booth Plays Shem (Noah’s Son) & Emma Watson Plays Ila (Shem’s Wife)

• Douglas Booth Plays Shem (Noah’s Son) & Emma Watson Plays Ila (Shem’s Wife)

• Jennifer Connelly Plays Naameh (Noah’s Wife)

• Jennifer Connelly Plays Naameh (Noah’s Wife)