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Bring It On-Line: Addiction Advice - June 22, 2016

I've suffered from a pornography addiction for a few years now. I know it's wrong, and my parents and...

The 700 Club - June 13, 2016

FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss, discusses using negotiating skills in everyday life situations. Plus, one couple shares the secret...

News on The 700 Club: April 20, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," April 20: Major wins for Trump, Clinton: 'We don't have much of a...

CBN News Minute - April 20, 2016

YOUR DAILY NEWS IN A FLASH: Why a top health provider is QUITTING OBAMACARE… Federal court grants big...

CBN NewsWatch: April 20, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, April 20: Major wins for Trump, Clinton: 'We don't have much of a race anymore!'; Largest...

Colorado School Bans 'Inappropriate' Atheist, Satanic Literature

A Colorado school board is banning some of the literature placed in public schools by atheist and satanic groups.

Three Apps to Break a Porn Addiction

Three Apps to Break a Porn Addiction

Bring It On-Line: Healing Prayers - March 29, 2016

I feel like a hypocrite because I've backslidden into pornography numerous times. How can I recover? And what should...

The 700 Club - March 28, 2016

A wrong way driver causes a horrific accident on the interstate. Witness the dash cam video of a miracle....

Proud Parenting: My Son Doesn't Watch Porn

Proud Parenting: My Son Doesn't Watch Porn

Digital Parenting: Talking to Children about Porn

The company behind the Internet filtering and monitoring software says that more than half of children are exposed to...

Lawmakers to State Department: Time to Crack the Whip on Trafficking

Some members of Congress are pushing the State Department to get tough on countries that allow human trafficking. 

Bring It On-Line: Pornography

I am in love with a Christian man who is good in every way but one. He has an...

Utah's Bill on Pornography Highlights National Health Crisis

The Utah state senate voted unanimously this week to declare pornography a "public health crisis." It's part of a...

Elevate Your Marriage: Retreat Confronts These 3 Divorce Factors

It takes work to keep a marriage on the right track. That's why one New Jersey church is helping...

Pastors and Porn: The Struggle is Real

Many pastors struggle or have struggled with pornography and even more youth pastors struggle with it.

The Dirty Little Secret That's Tearing Apart Many Christian Marriages

Pornography can rip a marriage right in two.  And it's threatening an increasing number of Christian marriages, according to...

Not Recycling, Immoral; Viewing Porn, No Problem

Most millennials feel that there is nothing wrong with pornography and that the real culprit of immorality is not recycling.