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Vida Dura # 362

En Vida Dura, la historia de una mujer que se involucró en una extraña secta ocultista y terminó con...

Es posible perdonar el maltrato de un padre...

El porcentaje de niños que son víctimas del abuso o maltrato de sus padres ha aumentado en las últimas...

VIDEO: Israel se prepara para una posible la guerra

VIDEO: Israel se prepara para una posible la guerra

Mundo Cristiano: Agosto 24, 2012

Israel se alista para posible guerra con Iran. Tráfico de menores en America aumenta, varios ministerios trabajan...

Mundo Cristiano: Agosto 10, 2012

La iglesia Chilena preocupada por posible cobro de impuestos a los diezmos y ofrendas. Crean en Egipto la hermandad...

Photos Show US Troops Posing with Dead Bombers

Photos Show US Troops Posing with Dead Bombers

Britt Koth: More Than a Pretty Face

She was the teen model on MTV's 8th & Ocean who wasn't afraid to to be a Christian in...

Does Eating Fish Pose a Health Risk?

Despite assurances from the seafood industry, consumers are a bit worried about the safety of fish.

Iran: Israel's Clear and Present Danger

Israeli leaders believe Iran poses a threat to the very existence of the state of Israel. It is a...

New Credit Cards: Safe or Sorry?

Millions of Americans are using a new kind of credit card. It can be swiped from a distance, which...

Myspace Predators

Why do sex predators like this Web site? Here's a warning for children and parents..

Report: Seafood Benefits Outweigh Risks

Medical reports have assaulted the public about whether seafood is healthy or not for years. Tuesday the government tried...

Jihadists Tap into Power of Media

One of the most powerful weapons in the hands of modern terrorists is the mass media.

Army of Islam- More Deadly than Hamas?

For a month now, Hamas leaders have been pushing the rule of Islam in the Gaza Strip. But another...

Israel's Enemies: Then and Now

In the lead up to the Six Day War, many of Israel's enemies talked openly about destroying the Jewish...

Day Four of Virginia Tech Tragedy

Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui has shocked the nation again with his horrifying messages from beyond the grave.

The Blue Dogs

In the House of Representatives, we know that Democrats are in control and Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker. But...

U.S. Muslims Helping Holy War Abroad?

Officials are concerned that the disappearance of Somali men in the U.S. could be linked to terrorism.