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The 700 Club - July 1, 2014

Lyme disease threatens Mary Rose's life, but her mother never loses faith that God will restore her. Plus, bad...

700 Club Interactive: Out Of Control And Loving It! - July 1, 2014

Hear how one teenage girl overcame her eating disorder after discovering her true value in God.

700 Club Interactive: Young and Sick - June 30, 2014

Is God always good? See how Matt Chandler, pastor of Village Church, was able to believe in God's goodness...

700 Club Interactive: Man’s Greatest Role - June 27, 2014

What is man's most important job? How fatherhood is the greatest role any man can have.

700 Club Interactive: World Cup 2014 - June 26, 2014

Brazil is in the spotlight for this year’s World Cup, but there’s something else happening in the country that’s...

700 Club Interactive: Brand New Start - June 25, 2014

What do you do when you can't get rid of the pain? How you can get your brand new...

FDR Prayer May Soon Be Added to WWII Memorial

FDR Prayer May Soon Be Added to WWII Memorial

700 Club Interactive: Sorry Not Sorry - June 24, 2014

Do you apologize too much? Find out why women say sorry so often, and why it's important that they stop.

700 Club Interactive : When Heaven Invades Earth - June 23, 2014

Is God judging the world today? Pastor David Addesa answers that question and more, as he shares how his...

News on The 700 Club: June 20, 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club" June 20: Kurds prayer: God has final word on Iraq, Protesters: 'Every child...

700 Club Interactive : Powerful Praise - June 20, 2014

What happens when we decide to praise God? How powerful praise can change your life.

Iraqi Kurds Contemplate Independent State

Iraqi Kurds Contemplate Independent State

700 Club Interactive : Bully Free - June 19, 2014

He had girls, parties and drugs – but he never felt like he fit in. See how he finally...

700 Club Interactive : Masks - June 18, 2014

She was one person during the day and another at night. See what happened when she took off her mask.

The 700 Club - June 17, 2014

An unplugged television set interrupts a suicide attempt. Plus, a prayer on The 700 Club leads to a miraculous...

CBN NewsWatch: June 17, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, June 17: US in talks with Iran as Islamist army advances; Iraqi Christians ask for prayer...

700 Club Interactive : Free to be Me - June 17, 2014

A good girl was forced to keep quiet… Watch what happened when she finally snapped.

Iraqi Christians Ask for Prayer amid Jihad Rampage

Iraqi Christians Ask for Prayer amid Jihad Rampage