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Army Vet Offers 'Basic Training' for Debt Freedom

Like military preparation, financial planner Steve Repak says the solution to getting out of debt is a little basic...

Army Vet Offers 'Basic Training' for Debt Freedom

Army Vet Offers 'Basic Training' for Debt Freedom

Chinese Students Given IV Drips for School Exams

Chinese Students Given IV Drips for School Exams

Jerusalem Dateline: Israel’s Fear of another Holocaust

Israelis pause to remember the Holocaust as many fear the growing radical Islam influence on their southern border. And,...

700 Club Interactive – Super Bowl Rundown - February 3, 2012

Join us at Interactive as we preview all things Super Bowl in preparation for Super Bowl XLVI.

Rebuilding the Temple

Preparations are going on to build the Third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

CBN NewsWatch: November 4, 2010

On Thursday's CBN Newswatch with Lee Webb: Election fallout following big GOP wins in the midterms, preparations in Haiti...

Red Storm Rising: China Makes Her Mark

Napoleon Bonaparte once said of China, “Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.” When...

Carrie Wiatt: How to Tame Your Appetite

Eyes bigger than your stomach? Learn how to control your portions and get slim before the holidays with Carrie...

Daniel Jordan: Eat Healthy, Eat Quick

You can prepare healthy meals in a matter of minutes. Let bodybuilder and former Marine Daniel Jordan show you how.

N. Korea: Preparing a Second Test?

North Korea says it "wants peace but is not afraid of war" and will quote: "deal merciless blows" against...

First Baptist Church: Hot Meals for the Homeless

This 152-year-old church hosts concerts for the Portland Baroque Orchestra and ministers hot meals to the homeless who live...

Holly Clegg: Queen of Quick Counters Cancer

Holly Clegg has easy recipes to help your loved one eat well through chemotherapy.

In the Kitchen with Chef Jerome

He may not be on "Top Chef" but Jerome Brown cooks for celebrities like Priscilla Presley and Nancy Kerrigan....

Preparing for the Harvest

Gordon Robertson interviews Franklin Graham about his upcoming festival in Virginia and what organizers are doing to prepare.

Jerome Brown is Born to Cook

Jerome Brown cooks for celebrities like Priscilla Presley. He brings his culinary skills to The 700 Club to help...

Sheila Walsh: A Word About Prayer

Sheila shares her journey of learning to pray. She is ready to turn everything women think they know about...

Help at Home for Aging Parents

Tips on how adult children can talk to senior parents before a crisis happens in their lives.