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Obama Honors Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry

President Barack Obama welcomed the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors to the White House Thursday to honor their...

National Prayer Breakfast Serves Up Laughter, Inspiration

National Prayer Breakfast Serves Up Laughter, Inspiration

US Military Running Low on High-Tech Bombs for ISIS

The Pentagon is asking for $7.5 billion in order to ramp up the fight againist ISIS.  

Muslim in America: Did Obama’s Mosque Speech Help?

During his first visit to an American mosque, President Barack Obama told Muslims they don't have to choose between...

After Sanctions, Chinese Move to Gain Middle East Foothold

Now that sanctions have been lifted against Iran, China is stepping up its involvement in the Middle East.  

Iranian Regime Swaps Sanctions for Big Cash Deals in Europe

France welcomed Iran's president with a lucrative car-making agreement and pledges to boost trade, after sanctions against Iran were lifted...

Falwell Decision to Back Trump Angers Evangelical Leaders

Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell, Jr. is officially endorsing Donald Trump for president and other Christian leaders are not happy...

Iran President's Remarks on Freedom of Expression Raise Eyebrows

Iran President Hassan Rouhani says that insulting people's faith is not part of freedom expression.

Regional EPA Administrator Resigns Over Flint Water Crisis

A regional director with the Environmental Protection Agency is resigning amid the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

CBN News Minute - January 19 2016

CBN News Minute: Trump and Rubio blast President Obama's weakness on Iran... Residents in Flint sue over lead-tainted water......

President Barack Obama Applauds Iran Nuclear Deal as "Smart" Diplomacy

President Barack Obama tried to reassure Americans that recent breakthroughs in the United States' relationship with Iran. He called...

City of Masks: Inside Beijing's Pollution Crisis

BEIJING -- While millions of Americans deal with snow and frigid temperatures today, half a world away in China...

Low Blows in the Lowcountry: Gloves Come Off in GOP Debate

Coming into the debate, Donald Trump has been suggesting that Sen. Ted Cruz, his nearest rival, may be ineligible...

Operation Blessing's David Darg Nominated for Oscar for 'Body Team 12'

A short documentary filmed by David Darg, vice president of international operations for Operation Blessing, has been nominated for an Oscar.

The Brody File: While You Were Sleeping - January 14, 2016

On this week's Brody File show, we catch you up on the political happenings over the holidays. Plus, a...

Critics Lambaste Obama for Downplaying ISIS Threat

President Barack Obama raised some eyebrows in his State of the Union address when he said ISIS is not...

Obama's Final State of the Union: The Sky Is Not Falling on America

For his final State of the Union address President Barack Obama revisited a familiar topic: change. It's a return...

Defending His Legacy: Obama's Final State of the Union

President Barack Obama will deliver his last State of the Union speech Tuesday night and many believe he will...