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The Brody File: On The Border - Sept. 25, 2014

The Brody File heads to the Mexican border this week as we profile U.S. Border Patrol down in Yuma,...


Christians are among the strongest backers of Israel. Recently a high profile visit by Christian leaders from the U.S....


In iran, high-profile cases of Christian pastors being arrested, imprisoned and tortured have put the spotlight on the treatment...

Rehabbed Mom Graduates with Honors

Samantha Mosley was pregnant, in jail and addicted to drugs when she learned about New Life Home for Women...

TSA Accused of Racial Profiling in Boston

TSA Accused of Racial Profiling in Boston

Olympian Reid Priddy: God Made Me a Better Athlete

Olympian Reid Priddy: God Made Me a Better Athlete

Tyler Perry Wants Racial Profiling a Hate Crime

Tyler Perry Wants Racial Profiling a Hate Crime

An Answer for Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Bill, Tina and their young family struggled to make ends meet. Then they took a bold step that moved...

From Minimum Wage to Multiple Business Owner

Merlie learned at an early age a key principle for success. Now, she has seen the wisdom of...

When Good Plans Go Bad

Carlos' and Dawn's plan for their dream house went terribly wrong.Then a bold decision brought them back their heart's desire.

Venezuelan Officials Meeting with Hezbollah

Evidence that high-profile Venezuelan officials are meeting with Hezbollah.

The 700 Club: November 8, 2010

A woman finds Christ in prison. See a healing of a man's injured hand. Also, CBN News profiles David...

Tim Scott Profile

The Brody File travels to South Carolina to meet African American Tea Party Candidate, Tim Scott.

Regent Profile: Gary and Jodie Wheeler

These filmmakers have a production company called Level Path Productions, with two films under their belt.

The Cure for Financial Depression

Danny went from depressed over money to owning three companies. He found the secret to financial peace of...

An Important Ingredient for Success

Bruce and Carol are debt-free, living in a mortgage-free home, working less and enjoying life more. Are you following...

No Border State, Nebraska Tackles Illegal Immigration

The illegal immigration debate is extending beyond the border, as states and cities around the country begin pressing the issue.

Regent Profile: Tom Swanston

Tom Swanston, a Regent graduate, is the executive director of a company that helps the disabled find work.