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A Home of Her Own

Valentina and her family are forced to move constantly and sleep in different shacks because they can't afford to...

Yulia’s Crossed Eyes

As an orphan, Yulia never had anyone to help her with her strabismus, or crossed eyes. She has...


Ukraine says Russia has removed most of its forces from its country, but months of battle have left behind...

News on The 700 Club: September 11, 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club," Sept. 11: Too little, too late? Obama has fighting words for ISIS; Terrorism...

Orphan's Promise Helping War Weary Ukrainians

Orphan's Promise Helping War Weary Ukrainians

Orphan’s Promise Gets Kids Ready for Back to School

Through a local outreach in Norfolk, VA, Orphan’s Promise helps students get the school year off to a good...

Orphan's Promise Gets Kids Ready for School

Orphan's Promise Gets Kids Ready for School

CBN Global Update: August 25, 2014

CBN’s Orphan’s Promise is providing food and ministry to hundreds of children in Costa Rica.

The 700 Club - August 25, 2014

A dive into the pool's shallow end left nine year-old Josiah with four broken vertebrae and a 1% chance...

Orphan’s Promise at Work In South Africa

Terry Meeuwsen visits the Orphan’s Promise facility dedicated to helping the community in South Africa.

Teenage Lawmaker? Saira Blair Could Make History

At 17, most high school seniors focus on prom, graduation, and college. But not always. West Virginia senior Saira...

Holder Promises Thorough Inquiry into Brown's Death

Holder Promises Thorough Inquiry into Brown's Death

From Hopeless Orphan to Young Man With a Future

Fourteen-year-old Stephen is an orphan with brittle bonedisease. See what you made possible through Orphan’s Promise that is giving...

Carlitos y sus botas de hule.

Carlitos usaba botas de hule, siempre. Sus padres nunca le compraron zapatos normales, como a cualquier niño. Además fue...

CBN Global Update: July 7, 2014

CBN's Orphan's Promise is helping needy Roma families through the seed program in the Ukraine.

Crabs on the Beach

Rob Hull shares his memory of catching crabs at the shore, taking them home, and trusting that his father...

Bring It On-Line: Dancing at Weddings

My daughter is a solid Christian. She wants to have dancing at her wedding which she promises will be...

Joseph Center Under Construction in Ukraine

Terry Meeuwsen travels to Ukraine to give an update on the new Orphan’s Promise facility being built. The name,...