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Using Trauma to Help the Traumatized

Gary's past of abuse and violence nearly got him killed. But then he turned to God, enrolled in classes,...

Use Your Gifts to Build God's Kingdom

Catholic scholar, Dr. Mary Healy, discusses how spiritual gifts are for everyone and how we should use those gifts...

Professional Figure Skater Redefines Winning

Famed skater Scott Hamilton redefines winning and discusses the value of failure.

Wrecked Life Given New Purpose

James grew up in a crime-ridden neighborhood, and he turned to drug abuse as an adult. But after a...

Kingdom Women Activate: Propel Women Inspires a Generation

Kingdom Women Activate: Propel Women Inspires a Generation

Pursue Your God-Sized Dreams

Author Luke Barnett shares how we can find direction in our lives.

Turning Talent Into Ministry

Jared discovered his gift for art in 7th grade, and years later, his talent has become his ministry.

His Students Call Him "Dad"

Award-winning school principal Hayward Jean shares how he made the best of a painful childhood.

Nearly Killed by ISIS Cellmates, God had a Purpose for VOM Worker Imprisoned in Sudan

Nearly Killed by ISIS Cellmates, God had a Purpose for VOM Worker Imprisoned in Sudan

Overlooked but Not Forgotten

Pastor and reality TV star John Gray discusses being like David—overlooked and undervalued, but not forgotten by God.

Embracing a Power Stronger than the Occult

After Liberty was rejected by her mother, she turned to partying, relationships, and drugs. But darkness from her mother's...

Search for Purpose Leads Man to Homelessness

After an affair, divorce, and seven months of prayer, Brett's quest for a new life started with bare bones—homelessness....

Former Trafficking Victim Says, "Game Over"

After weathering childhood abuse, Leah found herself a victim of human trafficking. Unable to save herself, it took faith...

100-Year-Old Reverend Has No Intention of Giving Up Soon

23-year-old Beatrice was expected to die of tuberculosis in 1940, but was miraculously healed after making a promise to...

When Talent Meets Passion

Author Pat Williams discusses what happens when talent and passion bring you to "The Success Intersection."

Life Comes Together After It All Falls Apart

Author Riva Tims shares how God restored her life and ministry after a difficult divorce.

Debilitated Pianist Dreams of Playing Again

Gilbert wasn't expected to live after he crashed into a mountainside. He miraculously survived, but with the long road...

NBA MVP Stephen Curry Maintains Disciplined Focus On Life

He’s a household name around the world for basketball fans, but Stephen Curry doesn’t let the glitz and glamour...