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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - March 20, 2018


700 Club Interactive - June 22, 2017

Howard Conder, founder of Revelation TV in London, discusses the spiritual climate in England and shares how the "Quote...

Advertising Jesus in the London Streets

Howard Conder discusses how the “Quote Jesus” campaign is impacting the spiritual climate in London.

Meet the Man Putting Jesus Quotes On London Busses

The founder of Revelation TV will discuss the spiritual climate in England, and the "Quote Jesus" campaign.

The Bus Campaign That's Giving UK Political Correctness a Run for Its Money

The Bus Campaign That's Giving UK Political Correctness a Run for Its Money

News on The 700 Club: February 10, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," February 10: What's Trump's next move after appeals court defeat?, Planned Parenthood pressured...

Bring It On-Line: God's Written Word

Someone asked me since the Bible was written by man, how do I know that it is really what...

Christian World News: July 18, 2014

This week on Christian World News: A flood of undocumented child immigrants flood across the U.S. border. One Texas...

The Watchman: “Arab Winter” Comes to U.S. and UK - May 6, 2014

On this week’s edition of The Watchman, we’re joined by Paul Weston, chairman of Great Britain’s Liberty GB party,...

Trafficked: 'Won't Cooperate? We'll Hurt Your Child'

The sex slave trade is a global industry that's getting worse. Sex slaves never get a break and if...

Miss. Governor Quotes Bible in Inaugural Address

Miss. Governor Quotes Bible in Inaugural Address

Pat Boone: God's Hall of Fame

Scott Ross talks to this rock'n'roll icon about his legacy and why he is tackling tough questions about God.

Baby Isabella: Healed Before Birth

This unborn baby had problems: no kidneys, no bladder, and multiple complications. Doctors urged Rachel to abort...

Would Dems Revive the Fairness Doctrine?

A big Democrat win in this November's elections could jumpstart a contentious debate in Congress that has raged since...

N. Korea: Preparing a Second Test?

North Korea says it "wants peace but is not afraid of war" and will quote: "deal merciless blows" against...

Faith Used for Political Gains

A former member of President Bush's faith-based initiative claimed the program was used for political purposes. David Kuo says...

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