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Jewish Exodus from Western Europe Sets New Record

Jewish immigration to Israel from Western Europe has reached an all-time high in an exodus mainly caused by a...

New Intel: Calif. Massacre a Planned Act of Terror

New information from the FBI shows the San Bernardino killings could not have been simple workplace violence. It was a...

Columnist Blasts Messianic Jewish Victim of Calif. Massacre

Critics say a writer at the New York Daily News is blaming one of the Christian victims of last week's...

Suspected Paris Attack Mastermind Killed in Raid

The radical Muslim suspected of masterminding the deadly terrorist attacks in France was killed in Wednesday's police raid on...

Indonesia Closing Churches, Yet Faith Still Grows

Radical Muslims are pressuring officials to close churches and jail pastors in Indonesia. And that's not all.

On Refugee Crisis, US Walking a Tightrope

The humanitarian crisis in Europe is sparking debate in the United States over how many refugees the government should accept.

Kenya Imposes Curfew after University Massacre

Kenyan authorities have imposed a curfew in the northeast part of that country a day after radical Muslims slaughtered...

That Time the President Spoke Truth about Our Enemies

While President Barack Obama won't call terrorists "radical Muslims," President Ronald Reagan was known for taking the opposite approach...

Thai Police Arrest 400 Pakistani Christian Refugees

Police in Thailand have arrested more than 400 Pakistani Christian immigrants, including children.

Niger Christians on Edge after Church Burnings

Niger Christians on Edge after Church Burnings


Radical Islam is on the rise in Great Britain. A recent report shows Muslim extremists have been taking over...

Jerusalem Dateline: Crisis In Iraq - June 20, 2014

The week on Jerusalem Dateline: Chris Mitchell comes to you from Iraqi Kurdistan. Just a few miles away a...

US in Talks with Iran as Islamist Army Advances

US in Talks with Iran as Islamist Army Advances

Radical Muslims Force 'Protection' Tax on Christians

Radical Muslims Force 'Protection' Tax on Christians

Killing Egypt’s Christians: ‘She Was Our Only Little Child’

Radical Muslims still blame Christians for the uprising in Egypt. Georgas' wife was at home the evening they got...


An Islamic-led insurgency threatens one of the world's oldest Christian communities. Four months after Egyptians chased their president out...


Seven Philippine Marines died recently, trying to rescue hostages from the Abu Sayyaf, a radical Muslim group linked to...

Kidnapped Christian Released after Miraculous Prayer

Kidnapped Christian Released after Miraculous Prayer