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NPR Helps Push Transgender Children's Book

The children's publishing giant Scholastic has come out with a pro-transgender book for kids, and they're getting some extra...

Iraqi Christian Radio Reaches Millions Amid ISIS Threat

Iraq is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for Christians.

Summer Heats Up with Faith-Defining Music Events

With summer vacations heating up, there is one thing you shouldn't forget. For many, Christian music festivals can be pivotal...

Mundo Cristiano: junio 19, 2015

Hoy en Mundo Cristiano. Jeb Bush y Donald Trump postulan como candidatos presidenciales del partido Republicano. En medio...

Janet Wismer on Elisabeth Elliot's Life and Influence

For almost 13 years, Elisabeth Elliot recorded a 15-minute radio program, "Gateway to Joy," aimed at women. Her former...

Faith Leaders Warn SCOTUS: 'Don't Cross That Line'

A group of prominent Christian leaders is issuing a warning to the Supreme Court. If it legalizes gay marriage, they...

Radio Host Michael Medved Battling Throat Cancer

Radio Host Michael Medved Battling Throat Cancer

Laura Mercado perdió más de 50 libras

Laura Mercado es una estrella de la radio en Puerto Rico. Por muchos años, se acostumbró a vivir con...

Elsie Mendez: "A paso de elefante"

¿Cómo avanzar en la vida con éxito y dejando huellas? La Productora de Radio Elsie Méndez escribió el libro...

Drug Addicted Widow Tops Christian Music Charts

As a teenager, Brandy relied heavily on drugs and relationships to deal with being bipolar manic depressive. Then one...

Singer Wakes Up to New Life After Husband Dies in Accident

Brandy turned to drugs early in life as an escape from depression, and addiction soon followed. But when her...

Jamie Grace Interview and Song

Jamie Grace shares about her life and sings 'Hold Me.'

Jamie Grace Sings Hold Me

Jamie Grace sings 'Hold Me.'

Britt Nicole Shares About the Bible

Britt Nicole shares why it's important to read the Bible.

Britt Nicole's Favorite Bible Verse

Britt Nicole shares about her favorite Bible verse.