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Imprisoned Addict Substitutes Alcohol for Living Water

After 40 years of addiction and her fourth DUI, Susan receives a prison sentence. While behind bars she begins...

Bring It On-Line: Gay Adoption

My son recently got married to another man, and now he and his husband are trying to adopt a...

Bring It On-Line: Faith and Attending Church

I read my Bible daily but don't attend church because I don't have transportation. Am I doing a bad...

Britt Nicole Shares About the Bible

Britt Nicole shares why it's important to read the Bible.

Third Day Share About the Bible

Third Day share why it's important to read the Bible.

The Afters Share About the Bible

The Afters share why it's important to read the Bible.

Building 429 Share About the Bible

Building 429 share why it's important to read the Bible.

Bring It On-Line: Religious Tattoos

I have read the Bible and several times Jesus stated that he is not God but his Son, and...

Alcoholic Experiences Power of God’s Word

Disappointment, insecurities and broken dreams led Michael to alcohol for comfort. After his mom convinced him to read the...

Bring It On-Line: Reading the Bible

My husband says that if I don't read the Bible I will go to Hell. Is this true? I...

Bring It On-Line: Diversity in Tithing

Is it wrong to tithe to different places? I give half of my tithe to my home church and...

Bring It On-Line: Forgiving My Father

My father had an affair and left our family. How can I forgive my dad? I know what am...

Miraculously Healed While Reading the Bible

When Sue was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the prime of her life, her apathy towards God began to change.

Bring It On: Gospel of Thomas

I dreamed that I saw this bright, indescribably-white light with a very faint outline of a man. This man...

Bring It On: Prophecy

How do you know when you receive a prophecy? I was told the devil cannot read our minds, is...

Most Christians Don't Read the Bible Much

Most Christians Don't Read the Bible Much

Jimmy Broyden: Courageous Living

Years of pain and rejection from childhood ushered Jimmy into a life of drug abuse that plagued him as...

Bring It On: Surrogate Mother

Is it okay for a Christian woman to be a surrogate mother? Pat, what made you start the 700Club...