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Fox News vs. Obama: Is There Really a Bias?

Fox News vs. Obama: Is There Really a Bias?

'Flying Boy' Falcon Really Grounded Now

'Flying Boy' Falcon Really Grounded Now

Do We Really Know Where Christ Was Born?

Do We Really Know Where Christ Was Born?

Safeway Employees Get Fit, Cut Healthcare Costs

Safeway Employees Get Fit, Cut Healthcare Costs

Taylor's Closet: Hope for Teens Girls

Teenager Lindsay Giambattista ‘s idea to create and manage a clothing boutique for needy girls started as a community...

The von Trapp Children: Angels Sing

The hills are alive with the sound music from the next generation of von Trapp children-singing their way into...

Miracle Music

George sits first chair in the cello section of his orchestra class at Oak Knoll Middle School in Hanover,...

Merry Christmas, Mr. Thomas

It would take a near-fatal accident for Rod Thomas to see the joy in Christmas. But that's exactly what...

Losing ‘Big Cal’

“I wanted to do music, and God said, ‘Lose weight.’” See how Calvin obeyed the Lord and lost over...

Gunnar Peterson: Year-Round Fitness

Gunnar knows what a busy lifestyle is all about, because his celebrity clients deal with the same issue. But...

Who’s The Most Generous Political Group?

Both liberals and conservatives claim to care more about the poor. But which group is backing up that claim...

Heartache, Joy for Military on Holidays

These military families are reunited during the holidays, but there are many families who have a loved one overseas...

The Bryants: A Christmas Miracle of Marriage Restoration

In 1988, Deborah and Clayton had the coldest winter of their relationship... but it wasn't because of the weather.

A Brand New Rebecca

She struggled to raise two boys and make ends meet. When a friend suggested stripping, she didn't see another way.

Tony Gaskins, Jr.: Saving the Preacher's Son

"I went from being a church boy to being a thug overnight, basically. Just searching for myself..."

Steven Scott: Fortune Found in Proverbs

Founder of the largely successful American Telecast tells how he lost nine jobs before finding his route to success.

Jonathan Butler: Jazz, Drugs and Jesus

If you love jazz, then Jonathan Butler's guitar is a familiar sound. What you may not know is that...

A Prayer for a Surfer Girl

Ginny wasn’t breathing after a tidal wave knocked her into the ocean. With her family and CBN praying for...