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Blast the Sugar from Your Diet!

Best-selling author and physician, Dr. Ian Smith, discusses how we can improve our health by reducing sugar in our diets.

Creative Meals to Combat Arthritis

For national arthritis, author Holly Clegg visits The 700 Club to discuss great meals to help people reduce inflammation.

News on The 700 Club: June 17, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," June 17: Washington divided on national security as CIA issues frightening warning, Lawmaker...

Key to Reducing Terrorism: Cut Off the Funding

Key to Reducing Terrorism: Cut Off the Funding

Bring It On-Line: Heavenly Reward - May 13, 2016

Can a sin reduce your heavenly reward in the Kingdom of God? I fall into some sins. I get...

Is the Sun Setting on America's Superpower Status?

Conflicts from Syria to Iraq to the unrest in Libya and Yemen have exposed new limitations of America's superior...

Cut the Deadly Carbs, Breathe Easier?

Want to reduce your chance of getting lung cancer? Perhaps you should put down that bagel.

Regain Your Health with Daily Lifestyle Decisions

Nutritionist Caroline Potter shares her story of reducing her insulin by eliminating refined sugar and gluten from her diet.

CBN NewsWatch: December 15, 2015

On CBN Newswatch, Dec. 15: Obama: US, allies hitting ISIS 'harder than ever'; Merkel pans multiculturalism, vows to reduce...

CBN News Sunday: Surviving a Terrorist Attack

On CBN News Sunday, Dec. 6: In the wake of the shooting this week in San Bernardino, California, CBN...

How Obama's Climate Change Fight Is Costing US Coal

Global leaders are strategizing on ways to reduce greenhouse gases and avert what they believe is pending environmental havoc....

ISIS Cuts Water Supply to Iraq's Anbar Province

The Islamic State is reducing the amount of water that flows into government-held areas of Iraq.

Californians Face Reduced Water Deliveries

In a state already dealing with an historic drought, water troubles could get worse for some California residents.

California Orders Water Cuts amid Historic Drought

California's Gov. Jerry Brown is ordering mandatory emergency water cuts throughout the state due to the drought.

Chomp on Veggies, Fish to Reduce Cancer Risk

Chomp on Veggies, Fish to Reduce Cancer Risk

The 700 Club - October 9, 2014

Is stress stressing you out? It might be making you sick too! Find out how to reduce stress and...

Judge Reduces Sentence for Drug-dealing Dad After Radical Life Change

Herman became involved in dealing drugs to provide for his family, and couldn’t break free. Finally caught and incarcerated,...

Five-Minute Hourly Walk Reduces Risks of Sitting

Five-Minute Hourly Walk Reduces Risks of Sitting