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46 Peaks That Make Legends of Ordinary People

Who are the 46ers? A new documentary by Regent University student Blake Cortright takes a breath-taking look at the...

Prof. Brad Jacob on Indiana's Religious Freedom Law

Is Indiana's religious freedom law simply a blank check to discriminate? Brad Jacob, associate professor at the Regent University...

Christian Colleges' Moral Standards Taking Heat

Christian colleges often require students and faculty to sign a statement committing to certain beliefs and behaviors. Today, some schools...

Faith and Genius: Grad School at 16 Years Old

Most teens in America attend high shcool and later go on to college. Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is enrolled in graduate...

Celebrating Pat Robertson’s 85th Birthday

See highlights from Pat’s 85th birthday gala celebration at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, D.C.

That Time the President Spoke Truth about Our Enemies

While President Barack Obama won't call terrorists "radical Muslims," President Ronald Reagan was known for taking the opposite approach...

Reflecting on Their Grandfather

Pat Robertson’s grandchildren share what it means to have him as their grandfather.

The Life and Enduring Ministry of Pat Robertson

As Pat Robertson celebrates his 85th birthday, he takes time to reflect upon his lifetime and legacy of ministry.

Rising 'Nones' Show Americans Losing Their Religion

A shocking 7.5 million people have left religion since 2012, a new survey released last week shows.

Hyper-Sexualized Culture Fueling Human Trafficking

Hyper-Sexualized Culture Fueling Human Trafficking

Regent Students Take a Stand against National Debt

Regent Students Take a Stand against National Debt

An Old Fashioned Response to the '50 Shades' Deluge

An Old Fashioned Response to the '50 Shades' Deluge

Regent U at Top of Fiscal Awareness Competition

Regent U at Top of Fiscal Awareness Competition

Crusades, ISIS Comparison 'Inaccurate, Inflammatory'

Crusades, ISIS Comparison 'Inaccurate, Inflammatory'

Purpose Finds 95-Yr-Old Woman Who Prayed to Die

What do two university students, a 95 year old American woman and orphans in India have in common? How...

Give Thanks! It's All Gravy Compared to What's Deserved

Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that we set aside for the purpose of giving thanks. It's...

The 700 Club - November 3, 2014

Tucker Yates will share his journey through life from his years at CBN and Regent University, to the writing...

How One Man is Leaving a Legacy for His Grandchildren and Beyond

Tucker Yeats left an indelible mark where he served at CBN and Regent University. Now, he hopes to inspire...