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Week of Prayer 2015 - Day 2: Kenneth Copeland

A look at CBN's special Week of Prayer service from April 28, 2015 with Kenneth Copeland speaking on the...

Week of Prayer: April 28, 2015 - Kenneth Copeland

CBN’s special Week of Prayer commences with Kenneth Copeland as he shares his perspective on the importance and power...

Court Could Force Same-Sex Marriage on Every State

After years of debate, the Supreme Court will decide if gay marriage should be the law of the land....

Week of Prayer- Day 1: Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson kicks off CBN’s Week of Prayer on April 27, 2015.

Week of Prayer April 27, 2015: Dr. Pat Robertson

CBN’s special Week of Prayer commences with Dr. Pat Robertson as he shares his perspective on the importance of...

Illinois Farmers Pick Up Pieces after Deadly Twister

Residents in northern Illinois returned to their devastated communities this week to pick up the pieces after a massive...

46 Peaks That Make Legends of Ordinary People

Who are the 46ers? A new documentary by Regent University student Blake Cortright takes a breath-taking look at the...

Prof. Brad Jacob on Indiana's Religious Freedom Law

Is Indiana's religious freedom law simply a blank check to discriminate? Brad Jacob, associate professor at the Regent University...

Christian Colleges' Moral Standards Taking Heat

Christian colleges often require students and faculty to sign a statement committing to certain beliefs and behaviors. Today, some schools...

Faith and Genius: Grad School at 16 Years Old

Most teens in America attend high shcool and later go on to college. Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is enrolled in graduate...

Celebrating Pat Robertson’s 85th Birthday

See highlights from Pat’s 85th birthday gala celebration at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, D.C.

That Time the President Spoke Truth about Our Enemies

While President Barack Obama won't call terrorists "radical Muslims," President Ronald Reagan was known for taking the opposite approach...

Reflecting on Their Grandfather

Pat Robertson’s grandchildren share what it means to have him as their grandfather.

The Life and Enduring Ministry of Pat Robertson

As Pat Robertson celebrates his 85th birthday, he takes time to reflect upon his lifetime and legacy of ministry.

Rising 'Nones' Show Americans Losing Their Religion

A shocking 7.5 million people have left religion since 2012, a new survey released last week shows.

Hyper-Sexualized Culture Fueling Human Trafficking

Hyper-Sexualized Culture Fueling Human Trafficking

Christian Persecution by ISIS On the Rise

CBN News Jerusalem correspondent Chris Mitchell talks about ISIS in the intensification of Christian persecution in the region.


A new report says Christians in the region are desperate for help against the ISIS army and fear they...