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Restoring Brig's Heart

Brig Hart dreamed of having his father's love and approval, but he never got it. After years of searching...

Imprisoned in Iran Part 2

The conclusion of Dan Baumann’s story of being incarcerated in an Iranian jail for nine weeks. At the point...

Lyndon and Sharyl Allen: A House Divided

Sharyl's infidelity and Lyndon's anger were too much to hold the Allen's flailing marriage together so they turned to...

'Flower' Restores Hope to Malaria's Smallest Victims

'Flower' Restores Hope to Malaria's Smallest Victims

David Barton: 'The Jefferson Lies'

The author of 'The Jefferson Lies,' David Barton discusses the life of Thomas Jefferson and the myths surrounding his legacy.

Millions Still without Power Seek Relief from Heat

Millions Still without Power Seek Relief from Heat

The 700 Club - June 5, 2012

Stranded at sea 20 miles off the coast, Rex Willimon got a real life lesson on the power...

Recession-Proof Your Financial Life!

With no savings and $1.5 million in back taxes due, there was no resolution in sight. Still, Larry stuck...

A Muslim’s Miracle

After Bala lost his sight, he could no longer work or see his family’s faces. When this Muslim heard...

Family Restores Christian School in Liberal ‘Education Valley’

Family Restores Christian School in Liberal ‘Education Valley’

Family Restores Christian School in Liberal ‘Education Valley’

Evangelist D.L. Moody founded a school that soon grew cold to the Gospel. But the Green family wants to...

Chris & Debra Hedgecorth: A Meth Marriage

A tumultuous marriage fueled by drug addiction is rocked further by Debra's new found faith.

A Homeless Heart is Healed

A victim of childhood sexual abuse, Chatman Payne's life veers off course. After living on the streets, he gets...

Martez & Woodrina Layton: A Blessed Affair

Mutual marriage infidelity and financial hardship put the Layton's relationship on shaky ground and set the stage for God...

Melissa Woodward: From Sex-Slavery to Freedom

Melissa shares how sex-slavery made her life unbearable, but when she hit rock bottom she discovered hope for a...

Melissa Woodward: Becoming a Victim of the Sex Trade

Melissa shares the story of how she first became a victim of the sex trafficking industry.

Vicki Norris: Restoring Order to Your Office

Author Vicki Norris shares how to declutter your office so you can declutter your life, with updates. These ideas...

The Birkey's Broken Marriage

Kara prayed for her husband to be Godly, but she wasn't ready to follow the same path.