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Shunned Jehovah's Witness Finds the Truth

Cynthia Cooper grew up a Jehovah's Witness, but experiences an encounter with Jesus Christ. As a result, her family...

Making A Choice Between God and Alcohol

A stalled Hollywood career drove Brian to drink his disappointments away resulting not only in severe damage to his...

The 700 Club - August 10, 2012

Father and son Rolando and Jeremy Lamb share about having passion for God and basketball. Plus, Amanda Herring's painful...

This Week at CBN: Chick-fil-a and Traditional Marriage - July 27, 2012

Gordon Robertson shares his perspective on the debate surrounding Chick-fil-a President Dan Cathy's defense of traditional marriage statement and...

Christian World News: June 29, 2012

On this week's Christian World News: What Egypt's election results could mean for Christians there, dreams and visions transforming...

The 700 Club - June 26, 2012

Brett Castleberry was caught under the deck of a riding lawn mower and his hands and arms were pulled...

CBN NewsWatch: June 18, 2012

On Monday's CBN Newswatch: Analysis of Greece's pro-euro election results, 'teavangelicals' making an impact on the upcoming election, how...

'Teavangelicals' Ushering in a New Great Awakening?

When the Tea Party started, the focus was economic. But that didn't stop Christians from joining the new movement,...

CBN Global Update: April 30, 2012

Orphan's Promise held events for sick children in Kiev, Ukraine which 8000 children attended and resulted in nearly 2000...

News Channel Morning Edition: April 10, 2012

Watch the April 10 edition of the CBN News Channel's Morning News with Charlene Israel and Efrem Graham....

Rick Warren: Bad Economic Times a Result of Sin

Rick Warren: Bad Economic Times a Result of Sin

Kony Filmmaker's Bizarre Behavior Result of 'Exhaustion'

Kony Filmmaker's Bizarre Behavior Result of 'Exhaustion'

Romney, Santorum in Dead Heat for Iowa

Romney, Santorum in Dead Heat for Iowa

Chris Carberg: A Prescription for Addiction

Bullied as a youth, Chris turned to prescription drugs for relief, but a deadly addiction was the result.

Early Results Give Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Victory

Early Results Give Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Victory

CBN NewsWatch: March 6, 2012

On Tuesday's CBN Newswatch: Campaign analysis ahead of Super Tuesday results, firestorm over actor Kirk Cameron's stance on gay...

A Wake-up Call From Hell

A drug binge put Carl Knighton at death's doorstep. The result was an experience of hell that changed his...

Bringing Gabrielle Home

The challenges resulting from a premature birth had the Johnson family wondering if baby Gabrielle would ever come home.