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Pastor Blasts Conservatives in Easter Sermon

Pastor Blasts Conservatives in Easter Sermon

Newsong sings 'Arise My Love'

Newsong sings 'Arise My Love' Christian music group Newsong performs their Easter classic, 'Arise My Love.'

Bring It OnLine: Easter and Jesus

What is the significance of the bunny and eggs for Easter and the resurrection of Jesus? Does the church...

Our Good Shepherd: The Life of Christ by The Skit Guys

Easter is all about God’s redemptive plan for the world. Watch this moving piece that illustrates the life and...

Bring It OnLine: Anger and Sin

Is anger really a sin? What did Jesus do in those forty days between resurrection and ascension? How do...

Superbook: A Look Inside The Garden

Get a preview of the latest Superbook episode titled, 'In the Garden,' the story of Jesus' glorious resurrection.

'Superbook' Celebrates the Resurrection of Christ

The latest episode of Superbook shares the story of the resurrection of Jesus.

This Week at CBN: Avoid Corruption and Embrace Hope

Gordon Robertson encourages believers to bask in the hope of the Resurrection and fight against corruption in our hearts.

Killing Time: Resurrecting Death Row's Exonerated

Killing Time: Resurrecting Death Row's Exonerated

Killing Time: Resurrecting Death Row's Exonerated

Social programs that help a criminal return to society are not often available for death row inmates whose convictions...

Farmer Witnesses Woman's Resurrection

A South African farmer shares the miracles he has seen in Africa including a Zulu woman who was raised...

The Resurrection Mural

Ron tells the story of his experience creating, "The Resurrection Mural."

The Garden Tomb: Where Jesus Rose Again?

Located near the heart of Jerusalem is a garden and tomb where some believe Jesus was buried and then rose from...

The Brody File Weekly Show

The Brody File Weekly Show

7 Days ABlaze Clip from Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dr. Chauncey Crandall shares stories of seeing God's resurrection power in a hospital.

Dr. Chauncey Crandall: Raising the Dead

This physician has seen the resurrection power of Jesus Christ at work in his own hospital.

The 700 Club: September 15, 2010

See the amazing story of a doctor and his patient who both witnessed the resurrection power of prayer. Also,...

Ron DiCianni: Painting the Resurrection

A renowned artist depicts Christianity in murals. For more information about Ron's artwork, go to: .