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The 700 Club - October 26, 2016

A college football legend is now a baseball hopeful. Tim Tebow tells us about his latest career move. Plus...

Breaking Chicago's Cycle of Violence and Murder

Breaking Chicago's Cycle of Violence and Murder

13 Churches Robbed in This Oklahoma Town – Who's Doing It?

13 Churches Robbed in This Oklahoma Town – Who's Doing It?

Matthew West: The Incredible Real-Life Story behind

Four-time GRAMMY nominee Matthew West shares the God-orchestrated story behind meeting Rob, the drug addict who inspired his radio...

Brain Aneurysm Threatens to Rob Family of Mother

A young wife and mother of two experiences a headache and seeks a moment of relaxation in the bath....

The 700 Club - June 6, 2016

TBN’s Matt and Laurie Crouch introduce the Hillsong Channel. Plus, a thief is robbed of his freedom.

Jerusalem Dateline: Hamas Robs Cement For Terror As Israel Helps Gazans 05/27/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Hamas claims Gaza is under siege but we’ll show you what Israel does for...

Bible Reading Marathon Still Going Strong at Nation's Capitol

Bible Reading Marathon Still Going Strong at Nation's Capitol

A Heart to Give Becomes a Huge Blessing for One Couple

When Louise and Rob decided to volunteer in their community in alliance with Operation Blessing, they had no idea...

Is Great Britain ISIS's Next Target?

British intelligence is tracking more than 50 jihadists reportedly planning upwards of 20 terror attacks against the United Kingdom.

The 700 Club - March 22, 2016

A bank robber behind bars confronts the criminal he has become. Plus, a church partners with CBN to bring...

Bank Robbery Forces Man to Face The Pain of His Past

Having grown up in a violent home, Reggie found solace and power by joining a gang at a young...

Dead Boy Returns From Afterlife to Tell His Mom About Heaven

Eight-year-old Landon and his parents were driving home from church when their car was crushed in a car crash....

What Scalia's Passing Means for Presidential Race, Supreme Court

As Justice Antonin Scalia's family and the nation prepare to lay him to rest, a judicial jostle has already...

Living Debt-Free : The Impossible Dream Comes True!

With Just one income to support a son and aging parents, Stacey was struggling to survive after a painful...

How Would You Like Three Months’ Living Expenses in the Bank?

Randy and Connie know the pain of debt. After a failed business, they spiraled into a mountain of credit...

Falwell's Pro-Gun Remarks Praised and Condemned

Jerry Falwell Jr's fervent pro-gun comments to students at Liberty University is getting him loads of both praise and condemnation.

The Pitfalls of Stubbornness in Marriage

Cheryle loves to win the trust of wild mustangs, but she struggled to tame her own untrusting heart towards...