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North Korean Military 'On Standby' for Nuclear Strikes

North Korea put its military on standby for nuclear strikes that could come at any time, while its state-controlled...

The 700 Club - February 10, 2016

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard shares perspective on his NBA career. Plus, Squire Rushnell and Louise DuArt discuss the...

Chang: North Korea, Iran Partners in Nuclear Threat to U.S.

Congress is moving to punish North Korea for its recent rocket launches and nuclear weapons program.

Dwight Howard Gets Real About Being a Christian in the NBA

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard shares perspective on career ups and downs and the ministry he believes God has...

US Accuses Iran of Conducting Rocket Test Near Warships

Iranian naval vessels conducted rocket tests last week near U.S. warships and commercial traffic, causing new tension after a...

Can Obama, Netanyahu Move Past Iran Feud?

It's no secret the relationship between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has been one of the most strained...

Terror Continues in Israel Despite Increased Security

Terror attacks continued in Jerusalem on Monday. By mid-afternoon there had been two stabbing attacks.

North Korea Restarts Atomic Bomb Plants

North Korea says it's revamped and restarted all of its atomic bomb fuel production plants. The news comes just...

Rockets, Terror Tunnels 10 Years after Gaza Pullout

Ten years after Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, rocket launch pads and terror training camps replaced once-thriving...

IDF Targets Jihadists, Syrian Post after Rocket Fire

On Friday morning, the IAF targeted the Islamic Jihad terror cell responsible for the rocket fire on northern Israel...

‘Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ Groovy but Not Fit For Kids?

The weekend is here and you may be thinking about heading to the movies and there is plenty to...

Netanyahu Denies War Crimes, Vows to 'Expose Truth'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to "expose the truth" about last summer's military response to Hamas rocket fire.

Israel Targets Terror Infrastructure in Gaza

Israeli pilots targeted four terror sites in the Gaza Strip following Tuesday night's rocket attack on southern Israel.

Politics Aside: Docs Treat Gaza, Israeli Patients

At one hospital near the Israeli / Palestinian border, doctors treat patients regardless of nationality.

US Veteran Becomes Israeli Hero

US Veteran Becomes Israeli Hero

Netanyahu: Israel Facing Two-Pronged Assault

Netanyahu: Israel Facing Two-Pronged Assault


In early July, after being bombarded with hundreds of rockets from the Gaza strip by the terrorist group Hamas,...

CBN NewsWatch: November 20, 2014:

CBN NewsWatch: November 20, 2014: GOP warns 'Emperor Obama' of immigration fallout; Israel: Hamas test fired rockets at sea;...