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Gateway Church Seeing Revival, 500 Salvations at Its New Prison Church Campus

Gateway Church Seeing Revival, 500 Salvations at Its New Prison Church Campus

Jesus in the Wilderness - The Salvation Poem

The message of Christ's love for each of us set to scenes of the Superbook episode “Jesus in the Wilderness”.

Superbook Comes to the Indonesian Jungle

Deep in the Indonesian jungle, a small Christian church struggled to connect with the local community—until something marvelous happened,...

Making Superbook a Part of the Family

Will and Sandra Bernstein of northern California love teaching their kids about God. They also love the help they...

An App That Points Kids to Jesus

Meet Laney. She’s a 10 year old aspiring artist. “I love to draw horses, emojis, people,” she explains.

Finding The Power to Heal From PTSD

When Army Sergeant Mike returned from deployment, PTSD nearly destroyed him. After 3 years of chaos, and with his...

The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Hit Man

10-year-old Daniel is growing up in a town in southern Mexico known for its drug cartels and murder rate....

Champion’s Tumultuous Journey to the Top

Tyson Durfey is a world champion rodeo calf-roper, but his path to success was anything but easy.

Lured by the Promise of Attention

The sex industry lured Roxanne with the promise of acceptance and attention. When her panic attacks began getting out...

Running Away from a Devastating Family Secret

Frances focused on sports, family, and her faith until a family secret drove her away from God and into...

Dad, Who Is God?

9-year-old Krishna still remembers how he went with his dad to the Hindu festivals and shrines to pray.

Alcoholic Father Changed by Cartoon!

Whenever Chovoin (show-VON) came home from school, she knew it was best to wait outside until the shouting stopped.

A Child Brings Them to Jesus...

Nine-year-old Rani was so moved when she saw Superbook’s “He Is Risen!” that she invited her Christian and Muslim...

How a Cartoon Turned Hate Into Love

“I thought that my mom loved him more than she loved me!” said Derek when he thought about the...

Cartoon hero transforms young girl

“When I was five or six years old, I watched Superbook for the first time.”

Only Six Months to Live

Three years ago, a Buddhist woman named Ohm Mar was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Bringing Bible Stories to Life

Nine-year-old Alaine looks forward to Saturdays because that’s the day she gets to work on her art projects.

Finding Peace in the Wild

Remi was a drug runner and scam artist until he joined the Navy SEALs and had a life-changing realization...